Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Alone

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL

"All Alone"

Directed by Bennett Miller
Written by Paul Haggis
Produced by Ang Lee and James Shamus
Cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto
Edited by Hughes Winborne

Principal Cast:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Billy Walker)
Geal García Bernal (Enrique Salas)
Haley Joel Osment (Joey Treystone)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Dayrl Longsteen)
Dianne Wiest (Amanda Walker)
Brian Cox (Jonathan Walker)
Ian McKellen (Professor James Arminsen)
Gwyneth Paltrow (Angie Henrickson)

Tagline: "Before the act of acceptance, comes the responsibility to act for it"

Synopsis: The movie tells the touching and heart-wrenching tale of a young gay man (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) trying to deal with the extreme hate and prejudice in the world during the 1980s in America. He does learn very fast that this isn't an easy world to live in. His father (Brian Cox) has basicly disowned him and his mother (Dianne Wiest) no longer speaks to him. He leaves his Chicago home behind and travels to New York where he attends a school in hopes of becoming a novelist. While there, he meets Enrique Salas (Gael García Bernal) and they immediatly fall in love. They must still be cautious though, especially when an old friend of Billy's stops by and drops off his son which he concieved with her on prom night eight years ago. Billy keeps the boy (Haley Joel Osment) but realizes that this is still a dangerous situation for his son and his own life.

What the press would say:

Another wonderful film has poured out of the talents of Bennett Miller. His gentle sensitivity to each frame gives it the extra touch needed. Paul Haggis also provides a magnificent screenplay that does well once again in evaluating the terms in today's social order. The movie also contains a great ensemble: Meyers has all the versitility needed to transend in this part and he is backed up by an equally impressive Bernal. Osment reminds us that he does posses talent beyond "The Sixth Sense" and minor players like Gyllenhaal, Cox, Wiest and Ian McKellen, who serves as a teacher at the school who does a pretty good critique on society. People are already exclaiming this to be the best film of the entire year. The consideration campaign:

Best Picture
Best Director: Bennett Miller
Best Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Best Supporting Actor: Gael García Bernal
Best Supporting Actor: Brian Cox
Best Supporting Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actress: Dianne Wiest
Best Original Screenplay: Paul Haggis
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing

Auschwitz Love

Author: Tom
Location: New Jersey

"Auschwitz Love"

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Written by Akiva Goldsman and Ronald Harwood
Cinematography by Rodrigo Pietro
Film Editing by Michael Kahn
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Sebastian Muller- Joaquin Phoenix
Jonas Guedalia- Christian Bale
Mary Guedalia- Natalie Portman
Noah Guedalia- Adrien Brody
Isaac Guedalia- Roy Scheider
Leo Schneiderman- Eric Bana
Fritz Weber- Jonathon Rhys Meyers
Gunter Braun- Max von Sydow
Hanz Richter- Robert Deniro
Lena Wolf- Angelina Jolie
Gypsy Petulengro- Gael Garcia Bernal

Tagline: "The greatest tragedy the world has ever seen could not stop the greatest love they had ever known"

Synopsis: Sebastian Muller (Phoenix) believed in the Third Reich, which was why he worksat the Auschwitz concentration camp. But his life gets turned upside down when he meets Jonas Guedalia (Bale), a young Jewish man who, upon first arriving, begs Sebastian to have his father, Isaac (Scheider), go with Jonas, instead of to the gas chambers. Sebastian realizes that he is attracted to this Jew, andfinds himself doing favors for Jonas, including letting him see his sister, Mary (Portman), who is working in the women’s camp, and helping protect Isaac. Jonas realizes that he is attracted to Sebastian too, and struggles with theseemotions as he and his brother, Noah (Brody), struggle to keep their familyalive; Isaac is constantly in danger of being taken to the gas chamber,
and Maryis being abused by her supervisor, Lena (Jolie). As Sebastian tries to keep his
life under control with the help of his mentor, Gunter (Von Sydow), and his best friend Fritz (Meyers), he begins to discover the humanity in those he has been exterminating

However, he realizes that he is being closely watched by theheartless Hanz (DeNiro) and the cruel and crafty Lena. Through the incredible adversity that they face, Sebastian and Jonas try to love one another,overcoming their differences and those trying to tear them apart.

What the press would say:

Auschwitz Love is one of the bravest, most powerful films in recent history.

Steven Spielberg turns in his best work since Schindler’s List with this incredible drama that examines the way forbidden love plays out in times of terrible hardship. Akiva Goldsman’s rich character development combines with Ronald Harwood’s harsh realism into a brilliant screenplay, one that is able tobring out every aspect of the incredible range of emotions shown in this film.

Joaquin Phoenix is superb as the harsh Nazi who discovers his softer side when he falls in love with another man. His internal struggle is never overplayed, but always visible. Christian Bale, a somewhat controversial choice for the role of Jonas, is pitch perfect, his love for Sebastian consistently clashing with his need to protect his family. Every performance, from Natalie Portman’s quiet yet courageous portrayal of Jonas’ sister to Robert Deniro outstandingly harsh role as Hanz, rounds out this film beautifully. Particularly powerful isAngelina Jolie, who gives her best performance since Girl, Interrupted in a role completely different from anything she has done. The portrayal of Leo Scheiderman, a real life survivor of Auschwitz, by Eric Bana fleshes out thestory well. This film is incredibly heart wrenching, and although its stark portrayal of life in Auschwitz keeps it from being too emotionally manipulative,there will not be a dry eye in the house after a single showing of Auschwitz Love.

For Your Consideration:

Best Picture
Best Director- Steven Spielberg
Best Actor- Joaquin Phoenix
Best Supporting Actor- Christian Bale
Best Supporting Actor- Robert Deniro
Best Supporting Actress- Angelina Jolie
Best Supporting Actress- Natalie Portman
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Costumes
Best Film Editing
Best Makeup
Best Sound Mixing
Best Score

A Walk in the Park

Author: Erick
Location: New Jersey

"A Walk in the Park"

Directed by: Gavin O'Conner (director of Tumbleweeds and Miracle)
Written by: Gavin O'Conner
Prodcued by: Paul Haggis

Principal Cast:

The Old Man - Kirk Douglas
Erica Luftino - Rachel Weisz
Jayson Davis- Cameron Bright
JD - Chris Pine
Mr. L - Ray Liotta
Mr. Hemmingfield - Andy Garcia

Tagline: "Take a walk in a park. You'll never guess what you will see"

Synopsis: An Old Man (Kirk Douglas) living in Astoria, NY is walking through a
park and notices four different people, Erica Luftino, Jayson Davis, JD, and Mr. L. But who are these people and what do they have all in common. Erica Luftino (Rachel Weisz) who is a hussy and has sex with many guys whom one is Mr. Hemmingfield.

Jayson Davis, one of Mr. Hemmingfield's eighth grade students, is a troubled teenager who does not know whom his father is.JD is a college druggie who is addicted to cocaine and had has a plan to kill one of his teachers. Mr. L is a deadbeat father who is addicted to cocaine as well and does not know what to do with himself. The movie goes on bit by bit jumping to each character leaving the audience with the final answer of how everyone is connected.

What the press would say:

This movie will keep the you second-guessing yourself throughout the entirety of it. Ray Liotta gives his best performance yet as the deadbeat father. Gavin O'Conner has done it again directing such a masterpiece in a different genre. He starts with a Chick-flick type of movie, then to a sports movie, and now this twisted Oscar nominated drama. This is the summer movie event of 2007. Rottentomatoes has given it 90 fresh votes and only 2 rotten
votes making it a 95%. The 2 rotten votes wre only because Ray Liotta made the audience hate him that much.


Best Picture
Best Director: Gavin O'Conner
Best Original Screenplay: Gavin O'Conner
Best Actor: Kirk Douglas
Best Supporting Actor: Ray Liotta
Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Weisz
Best Editing
Best Sound

Contemporary Comedy

Author: Brian
Location: Arizona

"Contemporary Comedy"

Directed by Rob Reiner
Written by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner
Music by Carter Burwell
Produced by Rob Reiner, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

Principal Cast:

Tim Robbins (Michael Stein)
Sandra Bullock (Lynn Stein)
Morgan Freeman (Leroy Lara)
Angela Basset (Tanya Lara)
Kevin Kostner (Danny McAfree)
Robin Wright Penn (Susana McAfree)
Steve Carrel (Lionel Sanders)
Dustin Hoffman (Jason Peterson)
Mel Brooks (Johnny C. Donald)
Liam Neeson (Lucas Radford)

Tagline: "7 Guys. 1 Hit Show. 0 Talent"

Synopsis: A mid-life crisis can happen to anyone. But no mid-life crisis has ever been quite as strong as lawyer Michael Stein's. Once he hits 45, he closes down his firm in franticism, only to lead his partners into a crazy scheme to make the next big sketch comedy show, written, directed and preformed by these seven unfunny men. After revolts from wives and being specified insane by others, the show turns out to be the biggest success in television history.

What the press would say:

Classic comedy team Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner team up one last time to create the most original and most hilarious film of the year. The all-star cast mixing some of today and yesterday's comedy geniuses with the comedic side of Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Angela Basset and others. Rob Reiner shines as the director of this gem. This near-perfect ensemble film could easily become the most serious comedic Oscar contender of the year, with a strong campaign in the following categories:

Best Picture (Rob Reiner, Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks)
Best Director (Rob Reiner)
Best Actor (Tim Robbins)
Best Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman, Kevin Costner, Steve Carrel, Dustin Hoffman, Mel Brooks, Liam Neeson)
Best Supporting Actress (Sandra Bullock, Angela Basset)
Best Original Score (Carter Burwell)
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography

Crime and Punishment

Author: Manos Peponakis
Location: N/A

"Crime and Punishment"

Directed by David Cronenberg
Written by Josh Olson
Based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoievsky
Music by Howard Shore
Cinematography by Robert Elswit
Editing by Michael Kahn
Costume Design by Sandy Powell
Art Direction by John Myhre & Gretchen Rau

Principal Cast:

Adrien Brody (Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov)
William Hurt (Pyotr Petrovich Luzin)
Viggo Mortensen (Dmitri Prokovich Razoumichin)
Keira Knightley (Sonja Semionovna Marmeladova)
Judi Dench (Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikova)
Natalie Portman (Avdodia Romanova Raskolnikova)
Imelda Staunton (Katerina Ivanovna Marmeladova)
Ian McKellen (Arcadius Ivanovich Svidrigailov)
Thomas Kretchmann (Porfiri Petrovich)
Anthony Hopkins (Semion Zaharich Marmeladov)
Dominique Swain (Nastasia)
Barbara Babcock (Aliona Ivanovna)
Lily Tomlin (Elisavet)

Tagline: "And then life exists! 23/11/2007"

Synopsis: The first period film of Cronenberg and an adaptation of a masterpiece. Rodion, a young and poor Russian student in Saint Petersburg decides to murder an old woman but then he is filled with remorse. He seeks desperately for punishment. But no one suspects him.

What the press would say:

Not a typical Cronenberg film. Cronenberg abandons the modern crime/drama to return to the most archetypic crime/drama book of international literature. The masterpiece of Dostoievski "Crime and Punishment" which deals with the haunted soul of a poor student who turned out to be a murderer. An anatomy of the human soul. Adrien Brody acts superbly in the leading role, surrounded by an exceptional supporting cast. Mortensen as his devoted friend. Kretchmann as the flic. Hopkins as a drunkard. Portman as a sister who wants to save her brother. Dench as his mother. Staunton as a fymatic woman who wants to protect her family from the disaster. Knightley as the woman who leads Rodion to the end of the drama. Josh Olson did a very good job with the screenplay, following the novel as good as it gets, respecting the great Dostoievsky and providing each character with depth. By all means a movie that can sweep the Oscars.

For Your Consideration
BEST DIRECTING- David Cronenberg
BEST ACTOR- Adrien Brody
and various technical categories

Devil in the White City

Author: Brian
Location: Arizona

"Devil in the White City"

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Written by M. Night Shyamalan and Paul Haggis
Based on the novel by Erik Larson
Produced by M. Night Shyamalan and Steven Spielberg

Principal Cast:

Matt Damon (Daniel Hudson Burnham)
Johnny Depp (Henry H. Holmes)
Natalie Portman (Holmes' first victim)
Kate Winslet (Mrs. Burnham)
Joaquin Phoenix (Fredrick Law Olmsted)
Adrien Brody (Charles McKim)
Leonardo DiCaprion (Louis Sullivan)
John C. Reilly (George Ferris)

Tagline: "Thrill, Excitement and Murder at the World's Fair"

Synopsis: Based on the bestselling novel by Erik Larson, "Devil in the White City"\is "the story of two men, each handsome and unusually adept at his chosen work, embodied an element of great dynamic that characterized America's rush toward the twentieth century. The architect was Daniel Hudson Burnham, the fair's brilliant director of works and the builder of many of the country's important structures, including the Flatiron Building in New York and Union Station in Washington D.C. The murderer was Henry H. Holmes, a young doctor who, in malgin parody of the White City, built the "World's Fair Hotel," just west of the fairgrounds-a torture palace complete with dissection table, gas chamber and a 3,000-degree crematorium. Burnham overcame trumendous obstacles and tragedies as he organized the talents of Frederick Law Olmsted, Charles McKim, Louis Sullivan and others to transform the swampy Jackson Park into the White City , while Holmes used the attraction of the great fair and his own sanatic charms to lure scores of young women to their deaths. What makes the story all the more chilling is that Holmes really lived, walking the grounds of the dream city by the lake." - Back cover synopsis of Devil in the White City

With M. Night Shyamalan's sense of thrill and Paul Haggis' talent for writing reality, the script balances both fact with what we wish was fiction.

What the press would say:

After "The DaVinci Code" turned out to be a mega-failure for this reporter, I was very reluctant to see the screen version of one of today's most popular novels. Thank God it turned out to be one of the best films of the decade! This chilling dramatic thriller doesn't waste a second of its running time, nor does it fall short of its all-star cast. With its ideal set for serial killer Henry H. Holmes (take notes, Art Direction voters!) and solid preformances, it is obvious what the eight years of production went into. Modern suspense connoisseur M. Night Shyamalan's flawless direction make up for his ciritcal flop "The Village." The early Oscar campaign is extremley strong, and includes the following:

Best Picture (M. Night Shyamalan and Steven Speilberg)
Best Director (M. Night Shyamalan)
Best Actor (Matt Damon, Johnny Depp)
Best Supporting Actor (Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly)
Best Supporting Actress (Kate Winslet)
Best Original Score (Thomas Newman)
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design

The Devil's Arithmetic

Author: Connor
Location: Texas

"The Devil's Arithmetic"

Directed by: Sofia Coppola
Written by: Sofia Coppola, Jane Yolen
Score by: James Horner

Principal Cast:

Hannah Stern/Chaya- Sofia Vassilieva (NBC'S Medium)
Rivka- Dakota Fanning
Gitl- Lainie Kazan (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
Shumel- Will Farrell
Fayge- Evangeline Lily
Commandant Bruer- Crspin Glover
Aunt Eva- Bette Midler
Grandpa Will- Kirk Douglas

Tagline: "The holocaust is on the other side of the door"

Synopsis: 12 year old Hannah Stern, celebrating, to an extent, Passover with her family, but when she opens the door to welcome the prophet Elijah, she is transported to 1940's Poland. She has transformed into a 12 year old Polish girl named Chaya. After maybe a week of her confusion, the Nazis invade and Chaya and who she now considers her family are sent to Auschwitz. There she discovers the horrors of nazi death camps, and searches for a way back home, before its too late.

What the press would say:

Medium's Sofia Vassilieva delivers a phenomenal performance as Hannah Stern, the 12 year old who is transported to Nazi Germany. Dakota Fanning, Lainie Kazan, Evangeline Lily, Will Farrell, Crispin Glover, Bette Midler and Kirk Douglas give excellent supporting performances under the direction of Sofia Coppola

best picture
best director- sofia coppola
best adapted screenplay- sofia coppola and jane yolen
best actress- sofia vassilieva
best supporting actress- dakota fanning
best supporting actress- lainie kazan
best supporting actor- crispin glover
best original score- james horner
best art direction
best costume design
best film editing
best sound mixing


Author: Pat
Location: NY


Directed By Robert Zemeckis
Written By Alan Ball
Music By Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Evan Rachel Wood (Alison Livingston)
William H. Macy (Dan Livingston)
Joan Allen (Julia Livingston)
Chad Michael Murray (Mike Livingston)
Jon Voight (Gerry Dombrowski)
Jason Lee (Corey Nathanson)
Sean Faris (Ronnie)
Lacy Chabert (Caroline)

Tagline: "Discover your past"

Synopsis: Robert Zemeckis directs "American Beauty" writer Alan Ball's new script about a teenage girl who discovers in a heartbreaking way that she and her brother were adopted. Evan Rachel Wood leads the amazing cast as Alison, a girl who sees a picture of somebody who looks like her at Ellis Island and conducts an investigation that leads her to believe that the people who she thought were her parents have been lying to her about her origins. William H. Macy and Joan Allen play Alison's divorcing parents who have a hard time telling their daughter the truth about where she came from. Alison becomes suspicious of her parents when they refuse to tell her where they got her from and hires a private detective (Jason Lee) to find her real parents. Alison soon discovers that her real mother was raped and later murdered by a now-incarcerated sex offender, played by Jon Voight. Alison tries to connect with her real father and finds that learning the truth about her past could tear her family apart. Chad Michael Murray co-stars as Alison also-adopted, over-achieving brother who learns that his real parents were junkies. Sean Faris and Lacy Chabert also star as Alison's boyfriend and best friend, respectively.

What the press would say:

The new film from the Oscar-winning team of Robert Zemeckis and Alan Ball tells the tale of a young girl who learns that discovering her past could destroy her future. The main character Alison, played exceptionally well by Evan Rachel Wood, learns that her real father is a sex offender who raped and killed her mother after she had the baby. Jon Voight plays the sex offender in one of the creepiest screen roles since Hannibal Lecter in "The Silence Of The Lambs". But the best performances of the film comes from Alison's feuding parents (William H. Macy and Joan Allen) who are forced to come together when their daughter starts to learn her past. Overall, "Discovery" is a shocking, heart-wrenching story about one girl's desire to know her father.

Academy Awards:
Best Picture
Best Director-Robert Zemeckis
Best Actress-Evan Rachel Wood
Best Supporting Actor-William H. Macy
Best Supporting Actor-Jon Voight
Best Supporting Actress-Joan Allen
Best Original Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Original Score


Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: Mike Nichols
Written by: Eric Roth
Music by: Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Jake Gyllenhaal as Cameron Pratt
Hayden Christiansen as Dave Simon
Christina Ricci as Marissa
Julia Stiles as Julie
Jessica Alba as Jennifer
Vanessa Lengies as Jocelyn
Anna Paquin as Heather
Kirsten Dunst as Vanessa

Tagline: "Sometimes luck is nowhere to be found"

Synopsis: The story of an intelligent college student (Gyllenhaal) who seems to have the worst luck with women, despite his friend's (Christiansen) constant approval and motivation. In his search for the perfect woman, he tries to find himself in the process.

What the press would say:

A very young and talented ensemble make for a wonderfully dark and funny movie. Nichols' direction is superb as is the score by Al Silvestri. Aside from the great performances of the far from perfect young women in this film, Gyllenhaal is magnificient and is sure to garner the academy's attention as is Christina Ricci, who plays the over obsessive Marissa. Eric Roth adds a brilliantly original and funny screenplay.

Best Picture
Best Director- Mike Nichols
Best Actor- Jake Gyllenhaal
Best S. Actress- Christina Ricci
Best O. Screenplay- Eric Roth
Best Score
Best Original Song- "Who Am I?- Teddy Geiger

The Gary Busey Story

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

"The Gary Busey Story"

Directed by Richard Linklater
Written by Gary Busey and Richard Linklater
Music by T. Bone Burnett

Principal Cast:

Jake Busey - Gary Busey
Heather Graham - Judy Helkenberg Busey
Catherine Zeta Jones - Tiani Warden Busey
Gary Busey - Old Man Busey
Dolly Parton - Ma Busey
Trevor Snarr - Jake Busey
Mel Gibson - The Devil

Tagline: "Sober - Son Of a Bitch! Everything's Real"

Synopsis: The life and times of Gary Busey. From drumming in "The Rubber Band" to Hollywood stardom making The Buddy Holly Story. And the downfall from a horrific motorcycle accident, cocaine overdose, cancer, divorces, weight loss, and meetings with The Devil, all of which awakens and changes the man we know and love today, Gary F'ng Busey.

What the press would say:


Best Picture
Best Director - Richard Linklater
Best Actor - Jake Busey
Best Supporting Actress - Dolly Parton
Best Supporting Actor - Gary Busey
Best Original Screenplay - Richard Linklaker & Gary Busey
Best Cinematography - Janusz Kaminiski
Best Score - T. Bone Burnett
Best Original Song - "Busey Blues" by Gary Busey & T. Bone Burnett
Best Costume Design
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Art Direction
Best Make-Up
Best Special Effects

Girl Shy

Author: Jack
Location: New York

"Girl Shy"

Directed by Ron Howard
Written by Nancy Meyers
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Liam Aiken- Jack Mawunyaga
Alexander Michaeletos- Elliot Bankhead
Iman- Natané Mawunyaga
Eartha Kitt- Bousia Mawunyaga

Tagline: "Love: the hardest lesson to learn"

Synopsis: A famous black model Natané (Iman), her mother, Bousia Mawunyaga Eartha Kitt, and her young, white, adoptive son Jack (Liam Aiken) move to a rich town in Connecticut. At school he becomes instantly popular because of his famous mother. Then, he makes his first real friend Elliot (Alexander Michaeletos). They become inseparable.
Their friendship soon turns into love, and lust. They have to deal with homophobia, bigotry, and racism. Can they make it through all for each other?

What the press would say:

An amazing cast helps this wonderful movie play out beautifully. Liam Aiken (A Series of Unfortunate Events) plays the shy and insecure Jack, while Alexander Michaeletos (Duma) plays the flamboyant and ostentatious Elliot. Veteran model Iman plays mother and model Natané, and Eartha Kitt plays her mother Bousia Mawunyaga. The movie teaches acceptance and kindness. This movie could end the thought that life only begins after eighteen.

Oscar Potential:
Best Picture
Best Actor (Liam Aiken)
Best Supporting Actor (Alexander Michaeletos)
Best Supporting Actress (Iman)
Best Supporting Actress (Eartha Kitt)
Best Original Score (James Horner)
Best Director (Ron Howard)
Best Original Screenplay (Nancy Meyers)


Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: Ron Howard
Written by: Akiva Goldsman
Music by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Russell Crowe as Moses Herzog
Kate Winslet as Madeline
Renee Zellwegger as Sono
Charlize Theron as Ramona

Tagline: "A man can lose his pride, but not his memories"

Synopsis: Based on Saul Bellow's book of the same name, this is the story of a man slowly slipping into senility, his past, his present and his optimistic future.

What the press would say:

Russell Crowe shines as the mysterious Moses Herzog in Ron Howard's latest collaboration with Akiva Goldsman. Howard brings the dark story of Herzog to life and so does Crowe's melancholy and brilliant approach to the character, who is only further enhanced by Goldsman's dynamic screenplay.

Best Picture
Best Director- Ron Howard
Best Actor- Russell Crowe
Best Screenplay- Akiva Goldsman
Best Costume
Best Makeup
Best Art Direction
Best Score

Home for the Departed

Author: Maia Donovan
Location: LA

"Home for the Departed"

Directed by Todd Haynes
A Thriller written by Todd Haynes

Principal Cast:

Meryl Streep – Calista Michaels
Geena Davis – Louise Adams
Alec Baldwin – Peter Adams
Salma Hayek – Eva Torres
Chris Evans – Benny O’Toole
Mia Maestro – Eva Torres
Joe Pesci – Old Joe

Tagline: "THINK about It"

Synopsis: A twisted ghost tale… Neighbors in an old apartment building of New York City begin to wonder if they are in fact “alive” or if they are trapped in some kind of purgatory after a series of tragic and mysterious revelations.

Meryl Streep toplines as the eccentric Calista Michaels, the building’s oldest inhabitant who has spent the last years in a great depression after his husband’s suicidal. Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin star as the Adams, whose marriage holds on a string due to Baliwin’s character Peter’s infidelity. Salma Hayek and Mia Maestro are the Torres sisters, caught in a ferocious fight over neighbor Benny O’Toole’s (Chris Evans) love. Joe Pesci plays the building’s new and intriguing janitor “Old Joe”.

As they interact with each other, the neighbors become suspicious of Old Joe’s arrival to their building and they seem to be right: Old Joe has come to show them that “life” as they know it is not what it seems, or is it?

What the press would say:

Haunting! Thought-provoking! Director Todd Haynes revisits “The Sixth Sense” and ‘The Others” in “Home for the Departed,” a supernatural thriller that begins where these ghosts movies end.

The cast is great as neighbors with chaotic lives but Meryl Streep is the best as Calista, the first person in the building who suspects there’s a reason why she may not yet be able to move on in her life. Geena Davis, recently “revived” to US audiences thanks to the ABC show Commander in Chief is fantastic as the manic depressive wife who may now realize why she has been feeling guilty over the last years. Mia Maestro, from TV’s Alias, is heart-breaking as the only neighbor who is totally convinced that she was murdered by her sister in passion rage after having a conversation with the janitor. Yet, Joe Pesci (in a very dramatic role) gives the most powerful performance as Old Joe, the janitor determined to let them “see.”

Are they ghosts or not? You will only know if you catch this winter hit on your local theater.

Possible Nominations:

Best Picture
Best Director - Todd Haynes
Best Writer - Todd Haynes
Best Actress - Meryl Streep
Best Supporting Actor - Joe Pesci
Best Supporting Actress - Geena Davis, Mia Maestro & Salma Hayek
Best Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Original Score

I'll Remember Them

Author: Deepak
Location: Appleton

"I'll Remember Them"

Directed by Stephen Daldry
Produced by Don Cheadle and Bob Yari
Screenplay by Cameron Crowe
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Jennifer Freeman (Kinah)
Oprah Winfrey ('Gogo' Ayo)
Don Cheadle (Nduke Ty)
Sophie Okenedo (Fari Toshi)
Morgan Freeman (Grandfather Khamani)
George O. Gore II (Hasani)
Denzel Washington (Iniko)
Halle Berry (Hazika)
Marcia Gay Harden (Doctor Susie)
Samantha Morton (Nurse Wilma)
Joaquin Phoenix (Lt. Richard Bart)

Tagline: "The dangers that lie ahead are worse than the ones they flee from..."

Synopsis: Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry revives the short story 'The Ultimate Safari' by Nadine Gordimer and directs this heart-softening tale of a little girl, Kinah (Jennifer), struggling to survive in the midst of war and a racist environment in Mozambique and also of the hardships shes faces at the tender age of 13. Now, after losing her father, Iniko (Denzel Washington), to the war and after the sudden disappearance of her mother, Hazika (Halle Berry), Kinah has only her grandparents, Ayo (Winfrey) and Khamini (Morgan) and her brother, Hasani (George), at her side.Under the belief that her mother is still alive and will someday return, she agrees to her grandmother's decision of fleeing from Mozambique and heading towards the refugee camp in South Africa. But what they have to cross to get to safety is far more dangerous than the war, the Zamrir Park where they befriend a pregnant woman, Fari Toshi (Sophie Okenedo). Being led by a mere stranger, Nduke Ty (Cheadle), they have to get across the park infiltrated with racist white soldiers, by whom if they where to be caught would be tortured and killed. This movie is about the journey of a girl through life. A life through which no child would even want to dream of. Also starring are Joaquin Phoenix, Samantha Morton and Marcia Gay Harden.

What the press would say:

Stephen Daldry does, once again, an amazing job in directing the all star cast in what-is-called 'Daldry's best movie since The Hours.' The story of 'I'll Remember Them' is of a gril living in one of the many warring villages of Mozambique and the difficulties she faces after the death of her father and disapperance of her mother. The movie shows us her journey through life and the Zamrir Park with only her grandparents and her brother there at her side. They depend on a mere stranger to lead them through the Park and he bravely takes their life in his hands. Kinah and company also have another burden of taking an 8 months pregnant woman safely across the Park, as they promised they would. In the movie, Jennifer Freeman plays Kinah with an elegance absent in most child actors and George O. Gore II plays Kinah's brother, Hasani. Academy Award nominee Oprah Winfrey gives the best performance of the year as Ayo, the grandmother who takes charge of the children's lives and Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman undertakes the role of the dying grandfather (Khamani) with ease. But Oscar nominated actors Sophie Okenedo and Don Cheadle are the ones who stole the spotlight with their magnificent portrayal of Fari Toshi, the pregnant woman and Nduke Ty, the brave leader. The movie also stars Oscar winners Halle Berry and Denzel Washington as Kinah's parents. Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden and two-time nominee Samantha Morton, who acts the greatest enthusiasm, portray Susie and Wilma, the medical staff at the refugee camp and two-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix is Lieutant Richard Bart, the officail who is an extreme racist. This is one of the have-to-see movies of the year. Its stellar performance and the great story that makes you leave the theater in tears, makes 'I'll Remember Them' an obvious contender for Oscar gold.

Best Picture: Bob Yari and Don Cheadle
Best Director: Stephen Daldry
Best Adapted Screenplay: Cameron Crowe
Best Original Score: James Horner
Best Actress: Whoopi Goldberg
Best Actress: Jennifer Freeman
Best Suppoerting Actor: Don Cheadle
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Supporting Actress: Sophie Okenedo
Best Suporting Actress: Samantha Morton
Best Costume Design
Best Art Design
Best Film Editing

Joe's Cafe

Author: Craig O'Meara
Location: Fremont, CA

"Joe's Cafe"

Directed by David Lynch
Written by Charlie Kaufman
Music by Rachel Portman

Principal Cast:

Russell Crowe- Peter Martin
Jennifer Connelly- Marie Martin
Kevin Costner- Dennis Bennett
Michelle Pfeiffer- Isabel Bennett
Michael Angarano- Alex Bennett
Emilie de Ravin- Alison Martin
Tom Hanks- Officer Rourke
Juliette Binoche- Mathilda Martin

Tagline: "How can you have hope when all hope is lost?"

Synopsis: From the imagination of director David Lynch comes a thrilling psychological drama that centers around two couples (Crowe and Connelly, Costner and Pfeiffer) whose children (Angarano, de Ravin) go missing in the same place on the same day. The four people come to believe that the disappearances were linked until one couple (Costner, Pfeiffer) learns that their son was merely staying at a friend’s house. However, the son reveals that he saw the other couple’s daughter being abducted by his mother. This deceptive drama is full of elements that combine to form a one-of-a-kind film.

What the press would say:

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly reunite in this unusual and amazing thriller-drama. Connelly is marvelous as a grieving mother who gives up on the case and decides to resort to alcohol in order to drown her grief. Pfeiffer is equally good as the mother who was supposedly seen kidnapping the young woman. Her performance steals the show and makes the audience wonder whether she is guilty or not. Hanks, Crowe, and Costner all have key parts in the plot as well, but they are overshadowed by the women, especially Juliette Binoche, who plays the femme fatale aunt of de Ravin. While her on-screen sister (Connelly) is miserable and hopeless, Binoche is ferocious in her battle against Pfeiffer and her attempt to find the daughter. Costner stands out above the other males as the husband who no longer knows if he should trust his wife. The amazing direction of David Lynch and the all-star cast make this a promisin g and Oscar-worthy film.

Potential Awards

Best Picture
Best Director-David Lynch
Best Original Screenplay- Charlie Kaufman
Best Original Score- Rachel Portman
Best Actress- Jennifer Connelly
Best Supporting Actress- Juliette Binoche
Best Supporting Actress- Michelle Pfeiffer
Best Supporting Actor- Kevin Costner

Life's a Drag!

Author: Qasim Asif
Location: London, UK

"Life's a Drag!"

Directed by Sam Mendes
Produced by Peter Jackson
Written By Kimberly Peirce and Baz Luhrmann
Music by Liza Minnelli, Cillian Murphy and Milla Jovovich

Principal Cast:

Cillian Murphy (Andrew Leyson/Andrea Leyson)
Ewan Mcgregor (Gerald Smith – Andrea’s boyfriend)
Milla Jovovich (Sandrine Netta – Andrea’s best friend)
Naomi Watts (Emily Bishop Leyson – Andrea’s mother)
Sean Penn (Daniel Leyson – Andrea’s father)
Nicole Kidman (Stella Magnolia – Cabaret owner)
Special appearances by;
Liza Minnelli (Herself)
Jane Fonda (Herself)
Annette Benning (Herself)
Richard Gere (Himself)
Jamie Foxx (Himself)
Jude Law (Himself)
Kevin Spacey (Himself)

Tagline: "For some life’s Great, but for others, Life’s a Drag!"

Synopsis: We begin with Andrew Leyson (Cillian Murphy) who tell’s his life story, until he’s 20 we learn that this person has had a sex change and has become Andrea Leyson. Andrea works in a Cabaret with her best friend Sandrine Netta (Milla Jovovich), they both sing to make a living and to make the Cabaret owner - Stella Magnolia (Nicole Kidman) proud of them, they do this so they can have their name told to do biggest agents in America so they can be famous, Andrea’s dream is to be like one of her idol’s Liza Minnelli.

But after singing one night Andrea meets a handsome guy in the form of Gerald Smith (Ewan Mcgregor) and soon life blossoms but as life goes upwards for Andrea, it soon goes down as Andrea’s secret is revealed to Gerald. But soon after a spiral of bad luck occurs, her worst was being raped and her family disowning her. But as life goes from bad to worse, something good is bound to begin.

What the press would say:

Wonderful, Emotional a Monumental Triumph!
Life isn’t a Drag no more.

Oscar Nominations:
Best Picture,
Best Director: Sam Mendes
Best Actor in a Leading role: Cillian Murphy
Best Actress in a Supporting role: Milla Jovovich/Naomi Watts
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Ewan Mcgregor/Sean Penn
Best Screenplay
Best Score
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Costume
Best Art-Direction
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Make-Up
Best Original Song: Cillian Murphy for “Maybe this time”

Life's Support

Author: Deepak
Location: Appleton

"Life's Support"

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Produced by Paul Haggis
Screenplay by Dan Futterman
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Haley Joel Osment as Jude Zimmers
Joan Allen as Martha Zimmers
Jake Gyllenhaal as Harvey Samuel Olis
Anna Paquin as Aileen Kasporwicz
Edward Norton as Nathan Zimmers

Tagline: "Lost his loved ones. Now he's losing himself"

Synopsis: With news from Minneapolis that his uncle met with an accident and is in a coma, 16 year old Jude (Osment), his mother, Martha (Allen) and his girlfriend, Aileen (Paquin) leave for Minneapolis to be with his uncle, Nathan (Norton), until he gets better. Three straight days of living in the hospital had everyone exhausted especially Jude. to add to his misery, rumours had it that his uncle had already died and every started crying loudly until a doctor asked them where their faith was. The doctors announced that there was no hope and that one of the family members had to remove his life support. As no one wanted too, Jude was forced into doing it. He signed a few papers, he hugged his uncle, removed the life support and watched his uncle die in his arms. That day marked the beginning of Jude's mental turmoil. He couldnt sleep, he couldn't sleep. So he resorted to smoking, drinking and sex with prostitutes and made a new friend, Harvey (Gyllenhaal) who was always with him. Despite the way Jude used to treat her, Aillen never left his side nor did his mother. One day, while going for a midnight drive in the woods with Harvey, Jude fell asleep at the wheel of Harvey's car and drove right into a tree, killing Harvey and injuring himself. Out of fear, he ran and kept running till he reached home and didn't tell anyone about it. The memory of him uncle dying in his arms and of his best friend dying next to him and his guilt, most of all kept torturing him. He confined himself to his room and never came out. he started hitting himself and became insane. due to pepeated beating to the head, he went into a coma. Aileen and Mrs. Zimmers began fighting to keep him alive. Just to keep him alive. This is a life-changing story of how guilt destroyed this boy's life.

What the press would say:

If this movie doesn't make you cry, then you aren't human. Oscar-nominee M. Night Shyamalan directs the all-star cast to perfection in one of the best movies of this year. This movie is about a boy, Jude, who's tortured by guilt.The death of his uncle, Nathan, in his hands and the self-imposed guilt of killing his friend Harvey brought about this torture . he only has his mother Martha and his girlfriend Aileen by his side. Haley Joel Osment gives a performance as Jude better than that he gave in Sixth Sense, which won him an Oscar nomination. Oscar winner at the age of 11, Anna paquin who plays Jude's girlfriend brings tears to our eyes when she acts because it is that good. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal gives a perfromance at par with that of his Oscar nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain, as the playboy friend of Jude, Harvey Olis. But it was Oscar nominee Joan Allen who stole the spotlight with her performance as the heart-broken and hurting mother of Jude. Her performance was heart-touching and tearjerking, to say the least, and I felt like hugging her during her dramatic scenes. It's a movie with a lot of dramatic turns. The movie's cast and directing gives us the assurance that it will bag all the gold it is nominated in especially Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress either for Joan Allen or Anna Paquin.

Best Picture - Paul Haggis
Best Director - M. Night Shyamalan
Best Original Screenplay - Dan Futterman
Best Actor - Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Supporting Actress - Anna Paquin
Best Supporting Actress - Joan Allen
Best Original Score - James Horner
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Editing

Love, Ronnie

Author: Chris
Location: New Jersey

"Love, Ronnie"

Written and Directed by: Curtis Hanson
Produced by: Clint Eastwood
Music by: Thomas Newman

Principal Cast:

Clint Eastwood as Ronald Reagan
Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan
Dana Carvey as George H.W. Bush
Judi Dench as Margaret Thatcher
Judy Davis as Jane Wyman
Catherine Keener as Patti Davis
Tom Cruise as Ron Reagan (JR)
Marcia Gay Harden as Maureen Reagan
Jack Black as Michael Reagan
John Travolta as Bill Clinton

Tagline: "There He Goes Again"

Release Date: Summer 2007

Synopsis: Ronald Reagan, the most beloved president, was a man of courage and integrity and restored patriotism in a wounded country. Based on his life after the White House on his beloved California ranch, focusing on his battle with Alzheimer's disease, his reconciliation with rebellious daughter Patti and the death of daughter Maureen. Love, Ronnie brilliantly mixes humor and drama to create one of the most touching glimpses of a public figure in cinematic history. The movie begins with him and Nancy before he dies and ends with her on Air Force One reading his letters that he wrote to her over the years.

What the press would say:

Love, Ronnie is the heartfelt movie of the year. A brilliant cast brings the larger than life family onto screen. Eastwood will finally get the Best Actor Oscar that has eluded him throughout his career.

Never before has Alzheimer's disease been displayed so truthfully on screen before. Fonda is back to form with her respectful portrayal as the former first lady. Jack Black shows promising range as the oldest son Michael. Look for show stopping scenes with Judy Davis as Ronald's first wife Jane Wyman, and John Travolta as Bill Clinton. Curtis Hanson wonderfully intertwines Comedy and Drama into this beautiful American Film. Academy Award prospects look strong. Look for recognition in the following categories.


Best Picture- Clint Eastwood
Best Actor- Clint Eastwood
Best Actress- Jane Fonda
Best Supporting Actress- Catherine Keener Best Supporting Actress- Marcia Gay Harden
Best Director- Curtis Hanson
Best Adapted Screenplay- Curtis Hanson
Best Score- Thomas Newman
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing

Mad Love

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, NV

"Mad Love"

Directed by Christopher Nolan
Written by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
Music by Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Naomi Watts - Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
Johnny Depp - The Joker
Christian Bale - Bruce Wayne/Batman
Michael Caine - Alfred Pennyworth

Tagline: "Crazy in Love"

Synopsis: From the award winning graphic novel by The Batman Animated Series creators comes the story of Harleen Quinzel, the psychiatrist who tried to understand the mind of The Joker, but in turn fell in love. To prove her feelings, the new Harley Quinn sets out to capture and kill the Batman. Unfortunately, when her feelings aren't fully returned, a love/hate relationship developes, all the while driving even the Joker a little

What the press would say:

It's a mad mad mad love. Christian Bale selflessly takes a back seat for Christopher Nolan to take a different direction with this psuedo-sequel to his previous Batman effort, centralizing on the villians rather than the Batman. He brilliantly and bravely shy's away from Batman's inner struggle to focus on what it's like to be a bit crazy and a bit in love. New Academy darlings Naomi Watts and Johnny Depp are magnetic bringing a mountain of essentic characteristics to their roles. More than enough for the Academy to notice. A brilliant adaptation from a great piece of graphic novel writing.

Best Picture
Best Director - Christopher Nolan
Best Actress - Naomi Watts
Best Supporting Actor - Johnny Depp
Best Adapted Screenplay - Paul Dini & Bruce Timm
Best Score - Danny Elfman
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Special Effects
Best Costume Design
Best Make-Up


Author: Matt Kanter
Location: Washington State


Directed by Danis Tanovic
Written by Danis Tanovic & Paul Haggis

Principal Cast:

Terrence Howard-Martin Luther King Jr.
Jamie Foxx-Malcolm X
Garrett Morris-Martin Luther King Sr.
Irma P. Hall-Alberta Williams King
Regina King-Coretta Scott King
Jaden Smith-Anthony Patterson
Will Smith-Blake Patterson
Reese Witherspoon-Denise Patterson
Sarah Bolger-Emma McTownsend
Brendan Gleeson-Charlie McTownsend
Lindsay Lohan-Sarah McTownsend
Eva Green-Paulette Claude McTownsend

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: The first english language feature from criticaly acclaimed director Danis Tanovic ("No Man's Land", Best Foreign Film Academy Award Winner) written by Tanovic and Academy Award winner Paul Haggis ("Crash", "Million Dollar Baby"). A Film that focuses not only on Martin Luther King Jr., but also his future impact on the world. The Film focuses on the height of Martin Luther King's (Academy Award Nominee Terence Howard, "Hustle and Flow" power in the civil rights movement, then we move forward about 6 months after his assasination to watch the story of Anthony Patterson (Newcomer Jaden Smith) a 9 year old half black half white boy who does not yet realize who Martin Luther King was, but personaly knew him as one of his father's (Academy Award Nominee Will Smith, "Ali") friends, then too modern day as recent Irish Immigrant girl Emma McTownsend (Sarah Bolger, "In America") who's only sence of integration is when both the black and white kids make fun of her in her metropolitan Seattle Area school, and the dirty looks her father's (Brendan Gleeson, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") Trophy Wife Paulette (Eva Green, "Casino Royale") gives her. Along with the powerful cast previously mentioned there's Jamie Foxx (Academy Award Winner "Ray"), Garrett Morris
("SNL"), Irma P. Hall ("The Ladykillers"), Regina King ("Ray"), Reese Witherspoon (Academy Award Winner, "Walk the Line"), and Lindsay Lohan ("Mean Girls")

What the press would say:

An amazing film, Danis Tanovic, who is little known in American for his fantastic Bosnian film "No Man's Land", makes an amazing English Language debut with a great film that not only makes us remember MLK in a hopeful way, but also causes us to look at our society today and realize that the only changes made have been made legally, racism and prejudice is still a problem in this country and we have to deal with it. The film has a magnificent screenplay (Co-Written by Tanovic and Super Writer Paul Haggis) and a great cast that most of who'm give their career best, even Jamie Foxx, who out do's his Academy Award Winning Performance in Ray, but still can't hold a candle to Denzel Washington's Portrayal of Malcolm X (Who Foxx plays in the film), the only exception to this is Jaden Smith (son of Will), although he does show potential for future roles. This film is campaigning for these academy award nominations:

Best Picture
Best Director: Danis Tanovic
Best Original Screenplay: Danis Tanovic & Paul Haggis
Best Actor: Terence Howard
Best Actress: Sarah Bolger
Best Supporting Actor: Jamie Foxx
Best Supporting Actor: Will Smith
Best Supporting Actor: Brendan Gleeson
Best Supporting Actor: Garrett Morris
Best Supporting Actress: Regina King
Best Supporting Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Best Supporting Actress: Eva Green
Best Supporting Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Best Supporting Actress: Irma P. Hall
And Various tech noms including Editing (Hughes Winborn, Academy Award
Winner "Crach) and Costumes (Santino Rice, "Project Runway").

Mom's Girl

Author: Juan Ascencio
Location: Mexico

"Mom's Girl"

Directed by: Stephen Daldry
Screenplay by Buck Henry
Music by Gustavo Santoalalla

Principal Cast:

Sophia Blanchard- Julianne Moore
Natasha Walters- Naomi Watts
Charles Norton- Jamie Bell
Patrick Norton-Jeff Daniels

Tagline: "A mother’s life is always sincere but not always understood"

Synopsis: Sophia is a divorced working woman whose marriage failure was caused by a severe lack of communication with her husband and confusing feeling that she hid to her family. She lives with her teenage son, Charlie, and her daughter Maureen; even she tries to live peacefully and demonstrate them her sincere love, both blame her for their father’s abandonment, causing a pitiful family instability. Feeling lonely and confused, Sophia finds unconditional understanding and support with one of her best friends, a woman called Natasha, who seems to be confused about her feelings just like her. Both clear their feelings up and their innocent friendship turns into a secret romance. Charlie discovers her mother’s secret relationship and runs away, getting involved in serious drug problems. Sophia’s life becomes a real torment when she has to help her son and solve many other problems such as her daughter’s exaggerated reject, her husband’s resentment and all the difficulties that her new relationship will bring to her life, counting only with the companion of her unconditional friend, Natasha, and the hope of getting her children trust back.

What the press would say:

Mom’s girl is film full with real aspects of real life, in the story, we can witness the way human beings surrender to their internal emotions whenever they have a chance as a way of escape from a tired routine life, totally consumed by social pressures that force them to develop an established identity. When this happens, that person leaves behind all those thing that became them a “normal” person, such as love.

It is really special the authenticity that Julianne Moore gives to her role, Sophia, having the power of making us part of her confusion and need to escape from a existence full of conflicts and the devastating consequences of her actions, the loss of her children’s love and the fear of finding support in a forbidden relationship. Naomi Watts is also impeccable, showing a tremendous acting capacity and capturing her character, who suffers a hard emotional crisis that only ends when she meets Sophia, but that causes another crisis that makes her feel guilty. Jamie Bell and Jeff Daniels add the necessary bitterness to the story, that indirectly helps Sophia to find herself, without ignoring their own identity, characters hurt by life looking desperately for a solution to their problems. Evan R. Wood, as Maureen, makes a perfect performance, playing a girl that, without understanding her mother’s pain, gets emotionally affected, trying to blame someone for all her sadness.

In conclusion we can say that Stephen Daldry made an extraordinary work, paying attention to every detail, directing a great team that makes the story a real piece of art. The screenplay by Buck Henry is a true jewel to movies, and the music by Santoalalla is the perfect frame to represent human loneliness and confusion. This kind of projects can not be ignored by the AMPAS because of its originality, sensitivity, touching performances and the big talent of Stephen Daldry directing a big team

Awards for consideration:

Best Picture
Best director (Stephen Daldry)
Actress in a leading role (Julianne Moore)
Supporting Actress (Naomi Watts)
Supporting Actor (Jamie Bell, Jeff Daniels)
Original Screenplay
Music Score

Pretty Young

Author: James Somerton
Location: Nova Scotia, CA

"Pretty Young"

Directed By: Gus Van Zant
Written By: James E.W. Somerton
Music By: James Newton Howard

Principal Cast:

Robin McNeil as Lexi Grant (Alexis Kuff)
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeremy Glenn (Alex Stone)
Jenna Jameson as Traci Empire
Linsdsay Lohan as Jessica James
Michael Imperioli as Agent Anderson

Tagline: "A Different Kind of Love Story"

Synopsis: Lexi Grant is a young girl who has everything going for her; she's beautiful, smart, funny, and popular. The only thing that she can't seem to get is a job, which all of her friends have. She searched desperately for employment and finally finds it as a model. But modeling can only go so far and she begins nude modeling and eventually finds herself being drawn into the world of porn. Her life begins falling apart as she falls deeper and deeper in drugs, the man she loves dies because of something she did, and her once massive popularity in porn has dwindled to almost nothing. She has no family left to run to and the FBI is after her for what she has done. All of this before she turns eighteen.

What the press would say:

"Pretty Young Thing" is a showcase for new and old talent. With a brilliant script by a first time writer and the direction of a season vet., the story speeds ahead, never losing the audience. Robin McNeil brings Lexi Grant to life to the vigor and life of teenaged spirit, but gives Alexis Kuff the inner darkness of a drugged out junkie. The rest of the cast, including
real -life queen of porn Jenna Jameson as the venomous ex-porn queen turned producer, Traci Empire, make the viewer believe that what they are seeing are actual events, not the fictional account of so many people in the world of porn. A brillitant screenplay, fantastic direction, and a steller cast bring "Pretty Young Thing" out into the world with all the glitz and horrors of the porn world.

Best Picture.
Best Director: Gus Van Zant.
Best Original Screenplay: James E.W. Somerton.
Best Original Score: James Newton Howard.
Best Actress: Robin McNeil.
Best Supporting Actress: Jenna Jameson.
Best Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

Rocket Man

Author: Corey
Location: LA

"Rocket Man"

Directed by Ang Lee
Written by Alan Ball
Original Score by Elton John

Principal Cast:

Justin Timberlake as Elton John
Freddie Highmore as Young Elton John
Michelle Pfeiffer as Renate Blauel
Jeremy Piven as David Furnish

Tagline: "Underneath the pop icon, there was a confused sole"

Synopsis: Rocket Man shows the interesting life of one of the greatest rock and piano musicians of all time, Elton John. Starting out showing his childhood, Elton grows up amidst confusion over his sexual orientation. During the 70's, he becomes a rock icon. After his start up of fame, he goes through one marriage to a German recording engineer Renate Blauel, then another to ad exec David Furnish after the realization that he is a homosexual. After being knighted by the Queen, he still reigns as a pop icon today.

What the press would say:

Music star Justin Timberlake takes a serious role in his adaptation of his personal hero. Young Freddie Highmore is outstanding for his bit role. Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeremy Piven are also stunning in their supporting roles as lovers of Elton. While not delving too deeply into the sexual side of Elton's life, Ang Lee brings the magnificient approach he had with Brokeback Mountain to this film. As only right, Elton John himself conducts an original score bringing also along his previous hits. Rocket Man could be potentially nominated in these categories:

Best Picture
Best Director: Ang Lee
Best Screenplay: Alan Ball
Best Original Score: Elton John
Best Actor: Justin Timberlake
Best Supporting Actor: Freddie Highmore
Best Supporting Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Piven
And other various technical categories


uthor: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: Robert Zemeckis
Written By: Clark Gregg and Robert Zemeckis
Music By: Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Paul Bettany as John Munro
Daniel Craig as Stephen Sagemore
Rachel Weisz as Rachel Munro
Kate Winslet as Colleen Sagemore
Anthony Hopkins as Det. Jon Lyles
David Duchovny as the Mastermind

Tagline: "Control is an illusion..."

Synopsis: A psychological thriller from Robert Zemeckis about two men whose wives are killed in the same car accident, but soon unlock clues to learn that there is much more to their wives deaths than meets the eye.

What the press would say:

This edge of your seat thriller from brilliant film-maker Robert Zemeckis leaves the audience short of breath, with a plot full of secrets and great cinematic twists. An unrelenting and frantic score help build to the shocking ending. Paul Bettany gives an inspiring performance as a vengeful husband while David Duchovny is shockingly brilliant, mysterious and crazy as the unnamed Mastermind. A breathtaking final fight scene between Duchovny and Bettany leaves the audience clenching to their seats and wanting more. Incredible film making.

Best Picture
Best Director: Robert Zemeckis
Beat Actor: Paul Bettany
Best Supporting Actor: David Duchovny
Original Screenplay

The Punch

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, NV

"The Punch"

Directed by John Sayles
Written by John Sayles & John Fienstein
Adapted from the book by John Fienstein
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Principal Cast:

Will Smith - Kermit Washington (Lakers Power Forward)
Jesse Spencer - Rudy Tomjanovich (Rockets Guard)
Thandi Newton - Pat Carter Washington (Wife)
Don Cheadle - Calvin Murphy (Rockets Point Guard)
Jeff Bridges - Jerry West (Lakers Coach)
William Devane - Pete Newell (Lakers GM/Mentor)
Dennis Hopper - Ted Green (Sportswriter)

Tagline: "The Punch Heard Around The World"

Synopsis: Lakers power forward Kermit Washington, dubbed presumably by the media as "The Enforcer" during a time in the NBA when fighting was almost as common in the sport as it was in hockey, tries to find redemption after breaking the face of Rockets guard Rudy Tomjanovich in a game. Through death threats, constantly being traded from team to team, the complete regret of what happened to Rudy T. and with hope running thin, Kermit re-invents himself, dedicated to helping the struggling people of Rwanda.

What the press would say:

Based on the book by John Feinstein, John Sayles sinks his directing talents into his second sports film (first, Eight Men Out), this time taking on one of the most horrific incidents in NBA history. Will Smith plays redemption to the fullest and tacks on another brilliant sporting performance. Jeff Bridges and Thandi Newton pull off strong supporting roles. A well-developed character study of a film which makes it a strong contender for Best Picture. Jerry Goldsmith scores his second basketball film (Hoosiers), almost locking himself in for a nomination.

Best Picture
Best Director - John Sayles
Best Actor - Will Smith
Best Supporting Actor - Jeff Bridges
Best Supporting Actress - Thandi Newton
Best Adapted Screenplay - John Sayles & John Fienstein
Best Cinematography - Roger Deakins
Best Score - Jerry Goldsmith
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume

Wild Strawberries

Author: Craig O'Meara
Location: Fremont, CA

"Wild Strawberries"

Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer: Sofia Coppola
Music: James Horner

Principal Cast:

Anna- Evan Rachel Wood
Owen- Jamie Bell
Alison- Kirsten Dunst
Alex- Natalie Portman
Jodie- Maria Bello
Ron- Sean Penn
June- Michelle Williams
David- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Tagline: "Life isn’t always as tasty as you think"

Synopsis: A young woman (Wood) is released from a juvenile prison and returns to her home in the strawberry country, only to find that her family has shunned her and no longer lives there. She is taken in by her best friend (Bell) and his family (Bello, Dunst, Penn) who are the closest to family that she has. Along with other old friends (Portman, Williams, Gordon-Levitt), she attempts to relocate her family and at the same time, make up for her past mistakes.

What the press would say:

Once again, Evan Rachel Wood displays her amazing acting talent in this gritty and thought-provoking drama. Bell is just as good in his role as the compassionate but slightly ignored best friend. It is easy to predict that Bello is going to receive her long overdue Oscar nomination as the sympathetic mother of two who kindly takes Wood as another child against the judgment of her husband. Dunst gives her greatest performance to date as the sister who does not want a criminal living in her house. Portman, Williams, and Gordon-Levitt are amazing as a trio of old friends who do not know whether or not to let Wood’s character back into their group. Scorsese and Coppola make an unusual but talented team. Scorsese’s talent combined with Coppola’s imagination and taste make for a very int eresting and unforgettable film.

Potential Awards:

Best Actress- Evan Rachel Wood
Best Supporting Actress- Maria Bello
Best Supporting Actress- Kirsten Dunst
Best Supporting Actor- Jamie Bell
Best Director- Martin Scorsese
Best Screenplay- Sofia Coppola

2001: A Space Odyssey

Author: TBA
Location: TBA

"2001: A Space Odyssey"

Directed by: Peter Jackson
Written by: Arthur C. Clark
Score adapted by: John Williams

Principal Cast:

Henry Ian Cusick as Dave Bowman
Patrick Wilson as Frank Poole
Douglas Rain as HAL
Tom Hanks as Dr. Heywood Floyd

Tagline: "Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal"

Synopsis: This epic odyssey tells of the evolution of man through three segments. The first is about one man-ape, three million years ago, discovers a giant monolith that makes him think and act like a man. Three million years later Dr. Floyd goes to Clavius base on the moon for a urgent meeting. Scientists discover a giant monolith buried in the moon and Floyd and his team go to check it out. 18 months later David Bowman and Frank Poole go on a mission to Jupiter with the help of the supercomputer, the HAL 9000. A tragic accident caused HAL leaves Dave alone with an unexpected turn in human evolution when Bowman leaves the ship because he can't operate it alone.

What the press would say:

This new masterpeice has the same brilliance and beauty of Kubrick's original. The acting by realitive unknown Cusick and Oscar winning hanks is superb but is secondary to the cinematography and visual effects that leave you stunned. Using models instead of CGI is brilliant and more real than any computer can make.

Award nominations:
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Score
Best Cinematography
Best Art Direction
Best Make-up
Best Sound
Best Visual Effects


Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL


Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Produced by Lawrence Bender
Edited by Sally Menke
Cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto
Production Designed by James D. Bissell and Jan Pascale

Principal Cast:

Jake Gyllenhaal (Andrew Carlson)
Christian Bale (Ricky T.)
Steve Buscemi (Mike Katman)
David Carradine (Earl Chambers)
Clifton Collins, Jr. (Josué Vasquez)
Matt Dillon (Jimmy Wholesome)
Morgan Freeman (Warden John H. Harolds)
Heath Ledger (Johnny Right)
Philip Seymour Hoffman (Paul Greenwood)
Michael Madsen (Phil)
David Strathairn (Michale Rivers)

Tagline: "When you cage the devil, all hell breaks loose inside"

Synopsis: "Bars" is an intense drama that is set in a Texas prison near the outskirts of the notorious state. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a man who is convicted of the rape and murder of his girlfriend and is sentenced to twenty-five years to life in prison. But, of course, he realizes this will probably be shortened due to probation. His life his hell as the years go on. One prison guard (David Carradine) is treating him terribly and he constantly is on the lookout for Ricky T. (Bale) who is the prision yard bully and makes Carlson the target for his own weekly sex assaults. He can survive with the help of some good people, like the other guard (Strathairn) who knows a word of kindness and respect, Mike Katman (Buscemi) who has been his inside friend since day one, and Warden Harolds (Freeman) is always looking out for the safety and well-being of all the inmates. Also, a single-named inmate (Madsen) provides an intersting look on life to him. Throughout the movie, Carlson still retains great interest in this mysterious man. Dillon, Ledger, Hoffman and Collins fill out the rest of the mainly focused inmates.

What the press would say:

Quentin Tarantino provides another gritty and realistic portrait of a film. His masterful direction is present in every frame his top notch screenplay is another deserving one as well. Menke also has great editing decisions and Prieto continues to amaze with brilliant cinematography. Tarantino has also made James D. Bissell and Jan Pascale (Oscar nominated designers of "Good Night and Good Luck") his new production designers in place of David Wasco, and they bring a more grounded realism to the project that really intensifies with the set. And of course, one cannot forget the the great ensemble, especailly Madsen in a really tender role. The campaign is hoping for this:

Best Picture
Best Director-Quentin Tarantino
Best Actor-Jake Gyllenhaal
Best Supporting Actor-Christian Bale
Best Supporting Actor-Steve Buscemi
Best Supporting Actor-Michael Madsen
Best Supporting Actor-Morgan Freeman
Best Origianl Screenplay-Quentin Tarantino
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound

Flying Circus

uthor: Daniel Crooke
Location: Ohio

"Flying Circus"

Directed by: Terry Gilliam
Written by: Jonathan Lynn and Eric Idle
Score by: Danny Elfman

Principal Cast:

Hank Azaria as John Cleese
Paul Bettany as Graham Chapman
Johnny Depp as Eric Idle
Mark Moses as Michael Palin
Michael McGrath as Terry Gilliam
Rowan Atkinson as Terry Jones
Amy Poehler as Carol Cleveland

Tagline: "And now for something completely different!"

Synopsis: In 1969, BBC produced a sketch comedy show that would go down through ages, Monty Python's Flying Circus. The show ran from 1969-1974. The film focuses on the beginning of the Python's careers to the beginning of the show to the end of the show and everything in between. The six Pythons went down in comedy history, and this is how it all happened.

What the press would say:

"Flying Circus" is the exact definition of what a dramedy should be. The film was both comical and serious at the same time. The film, itself, is a long shot for a Best Picture nomination, but the cast are sure locks for the acting awards this season. What impressed me the most is the fact that almost all of these actors are not British. They took on the accent, beautifully, to put themselves in the roles of these comic geniuses. Eric Idle and Jonathan Lynn have written a beautiful screenplay, sure for some recognition. Another great move by the casting directors was to take two actors (Azaria and McGrath) who either played or still play these actor's famous parts in "Spamalot", which won the Tony Award for best musical. The musical is of course based off of the Python's most well-known work, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". "Flying Circus" chronicles the lives of the Pythons and of their show. One of the elements that made the film so great were that these actors actually recreated certain sketches from the show! Such as "The Spanish Inquisition", "Dead Parrot", and others.

But, the real question is- Did they accurately portray the Pythons? My answer is that they could not have done a better job. "Huff"'s Hank Azaria is extremely convincing as John Cleese, from playing Sir Lancelot to when Cleese quit the show. "Desperate Housewives" fans might know Mark Moses as the murderous Paul Young, but Moses has portrayed Michael Palin as the genius he really was. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in Depps' Eric Idle. Although convincing and well acted, I did not feel the certain spark I usually do by an exceptional Depp performance. Paul Bettany did a nice job, as did Michael McGrath. But, the scene stealer and by far most likely to win Best Actor this year is Rowan Atkinson as Terry Jones. Although Jones was not the most well-known Python, Atkinson shows unbelievable depth and spirit. I thought Atkinson's career was over after "Johnny English", but I was wrong. A great supporting role as Carol Cleveland (or "Zoot" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail) was Amy Poehler. Ms. Poehler is a sure lock for the Best Supporting Actress, and a possible frontrunner.

Looking back, I sadly do not think the Academy will choose this as a "Best Picture" nominee. I really do hope that I am wrong and that the Academy will, but I am not sure. The cast is sure to get some nods, as is the screenplay. My personal opinion is that this is the best picture of the year, and it deserves extreme recognition. Hopefully the Academy will agree with me.


Best Picture
Best Actor: Rowan Atkinson
Best Actor: Hank Azaria
Best Supporting Actor: Mark Moses
Best Supporting Actress: Amy Poehler
Best Original Screenplay- Jonathan Lynn and Eric Idle
Best Editing


Author: Daniel Crooke
Location: OH


Directed by Sofia Coppola
Written by: Dan Futterman
Score by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

Hugh Laurie as James Watson
Gene Hackman as Francis Crick
Catherine Keener as Rosalind Franklin
Sam Lloyd as Maurice Wilkins
Colin Mochrie as Linus Pauling
Maya Rudolph as Ruth Doreen Dodd

Tagline: "Rediscover Deoxyribonucleic acid this November, 2007"

Synopsis: In the 1950's, the discovery of DNA was born. Between two teams of scientists, the brilliant James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix structure of DNA in Cambridge. In London, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins worked further on the three dimensional shape. From the early experiments to winning the Nobel Prize, the story of these scientists working together and independently warms the spirit with not only the discovery of the double helix, but also hope.

What the press would say:

After a brilliant screenplay in last year's Capote, Dan Futterman brings us another exceptional screenplay in Sofia Coppola's Helix. The principle cast is led by Hugh Laurie, Gene Hackman, Catherine Keener, and Sam Lloyd. One of the reasons this film is so different is because it brings two very talented comedic actors, Sam Lloyd and Colin Mochrie, and puts them in roles they were, forgive the cliché, born to play. Sam Lloyd as the brilliant, yet shattered Maurice Wilkins, it really is his time to shine. In a supporting role as the inspiration for the scientists, Colin Mochrie is great as scientist Linus Pauling. Hugh Laurie makes a brilliant leap from the small screen to the larger one as James Watson, and Gene Hackman gives a quite good rendition of American scientist Francis Crick. Even better than Hackman is Maya Rudolph as his first wife. Ms. Rudolph's performance, although brief, deserves recognition this award season. Although she was snubbed by the Golden Globes, could she be the most underrated actress of the year? With a perfect score brought by Hans Zimmer, it seems that Helix is unstoppable this awards season, as Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener have already won the Golden Globes for Best Actor and Best Actress.

Best Picture
Best Actor- Hugh Laurie
Best Actor- Sam Lloyd
Best Actress- Catherine Keener
Best Supporting Actor- Colin Mochrie
Best Supporting Actress- Maya Rudolph
Best Original Screenplay
Best Director- Sofia Coppola
Best Costume Design
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography


Author: Jordan
Location: NY


Directed by: Terrence Malick
Written by: Terrence Malick
Produced by: Paul Haggis, Grant Hill
Music by: Hans Zimmer

Principal Cast:

George Clooney as Sergeant Major Lucas Ebbs
Hayden Christensen as Private First Class Ryan Morris
John C. Reilly as First Sergeant Wes Denkins
Shawn Ashmore as Private First Class Noah Bloom
Jim Caviezel as Staff Sergeant Michael Owens
Patrick Flueger as Private First Class Barry “Flash” Allen
Nick Cannon as Private First Class Levi Ogden
Brian Cox as General John Riis
Naveen Andrews as Lieutenant Omar Asiif
Shoreh Aghdashloo as Najiya
Kais Nashef as Asim

Tagline: "Friends. Brothers. Lovers. Soldiers"

Release Date: December 14, 2007

Synopsis: After completing basic training, a group of young Marines travel to Iraq, where they learn the hardships of war firsthand. Ryan Morris (Hayden Christensen), a former California surfer, always wanted to be a soldier. Noah Bloom (Shawn Ashmore) was forced into the Marines by his military family. Comic book geek Barry Allen (Patrick Flueger), whose name coincides with the Flash’s secret identity, joins up when he discovers he can’t make it in college. Levi Ogden (Nick Cannon), meanwhile, joined just for the heck of it. Led by Sergent Major Lucas Ebbs (George Clooney), a Gulf War veteran who has had enough of the Middle East, they are among the few selected to secure Baghdad from the Iraqi insurgency. However, they soon discover that war isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. They must learn to decipher good from evil and make choices they may someday regret. Furthermore, they must learn to live with the consequences of their actions and what they may have on their futures, family and friends. From acclaimed director Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line, The New World), comes an epic masterpiece about brothers in arms and the wars they face- on the battlefield and in the heart.

What the press would say:

Films which question the morale of war have become quite common, considering the social effects of “Platoon,” “Apocalypse Now” and “The Deer Hunter” during Vietnam. Terrence Malick’s latest drama is perhaps the first film to lay question to the War in Iraq. A likeable ensemble cast, made up mostly by young actors, shines as they are forced to combat war face to face. Hayden Christensen plays the All-American boy, destined to fight for his country, and, in the words of Jim Caviezel’s Michael Owens, “someday become President.” He generates the most Oscar buzz for his character, Ryan Morris, who loses touch with reality and the American dream after an IED leaves him legless. Costar Shawn Ashmore also plays the “scarred soldier” bit quite nicely, sent into an emotional tailspin after he witnesses the deaths of his friends and is forced to trust an Iraqi couple (Kais Nashef, Shoreh Aghdashloo) to hide him during an ambush. Naveen Andrews (“Lost”) also has a respectable and haunting role as Iraqi Lieutenant Omar Asiif, who may or may not be supplying information to the insurgency, a role which features a devious twist which has had critics raving. Malick’s direction is top-notch, and his script is magnificent. The subtleties of the film- letters from home, long, blank stares into the horizon- are things only Malick would lay emphasis on. “Hellfire” is an important film which shouldn’t, and most likely won’t, go unnoticed by the Academy.


Best Picture- Paul Haggis, Grant Hill
Best Actor- Hayden Christensen
Best Supporting Actor- Naveen Andrews
Best Supporting Actor- Shawn Ashmore
Best Director- Terrence Malick
Best Original Screenplay- Terrence Malick
Best Score- Hans Zimmer
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing
Best Sound Editing