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Fresh Heir: Volume I

Author: Brian
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"Fresh Heir: Volume I"

Directed by Paul Greengrass
Written by Paul Greengrass and Akiva Goldsman
Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks
Original Score by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Natalie Portman (Nina Wilson)
Elijah Wood (Todd Hall)
Al Pachino (Nathaniel Bennett)
Tom Hanks (William Sanders)
Terrence Howard (Chairman Michael Finn)
Katie Holmes (Miranda Hall)
Cate Blanchett (Linda Summers)
Laurence Fishburne (Rafael Grey)
[Unknown Young Actress] (Rebecca Hall)

Tagline: "Begin a Journey"

Synopsis: The completely original epic “Fresh Heir” begins in the near future when California receives a massive earthquake and a monumental part of it drifts off into the ocean. A few years later, three adventures, Todd and Miranda Hall and Nina Wilson find and claim the land, all of them being under 30. It is found that it is legally their land, birthing a new nation. This new country to be known as Dalena creates Nina as their leader. She is not an elected leader, but is instead manages the only country left with a monarch as an unconditional ruler. She is primarily assisted by Todd, Miranda, Michael Finn, Linda Summers and Rafael Grey. While the United States and its allies disapprove of this government, they cannot say it is not prosperous and growing. Nor can they say that Nina is not a brilliant world leader and politician, although she is unbelievably young.

As Dalena seems more and more perfect, an illegal underground alliance of unpopular potential leaders, lead by Germany’s Nathaniel Bennett and America’s William Sanders who want to overthrow Dalena. They begin by killing Miranda in an attempt to assassinate Nina. War bursts out soon enough, and Dalena results to have no one to help them in their revolution due to their rivaling political system which was only supposed to be temporary, but is now unchangeable. Miranda and Todd’s young daughter Rebecca is brutally killed in a nuclear bombing, leaving the country’s two most prominent political figures, Todd and Nina (who felt motherly love for Rebecca) terribly depressed and almost unable to carry on. This first chapter concludes with Bennett conquering the throne, making Dalena a nation controlled by corruption and cruelty. We find that Nina, while a stable politician and loveable person, is easily saddened and prone to enemies. Will evil truly triumph over good in the end?

What the press would say:

The character of Nina Wilson is a stunning one. One who, the more you think about it, is perfect for Natalie Portman. And that’s just what this movie is: perfect. It is an epic in every sense of the word, with a solid, intense and always fascinating and imaginative storyline. The first second into the movie, you can’t help finding yourself rooting for these characters. And you can forget your days of disliking any of the actors featured in the cast, because the performances they give are some of the best of the year. Bring on Volume II!

For your Consideration:

Best Picture (Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks)
Best Director (Paul Greengrass)
Best Actor (Elijah Wood)
Best Actress (Natalie Portman)
Best Supporting Actor (Al Pachino, Tom Hanks, Terrence Howard)
Best Supporting Actress (Katie Holmes, Cate Blanchett)
Best Original Screenplay (Paul Greengrass and Akiva Goldsman)
Best Original Score (Howard Shore)
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing
Best Makeup
Best Art Direction
Best Costume Design

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