Sunday, June 22, 2008

Girl Shy

Author: Jack
Location: New York

"Girl Shy"

Directed by Ron Howard
Written by Nancy Meyers
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Liam Aiken- Jack Mawunyaga
Alexander Michaeletos- Elliot Bankhead
Iman- Natané Mawunyaga
Eartha Kitt- Bousia Mawunyaga

Tagline: "Love: the hardest lesson to learn"

Synopsis: A famous black model Natané (Iman), her mother, Bousia Mawunyaga Eartha Kitt, and her young, white, adoptive son Jack (Liam Aiken) move to a rich town in Connecticut. At school he becomes instantly popular because of his famous mother. Then, he makes his first real friend Elliot (Alexander Michaeletos). They become inseparable.
Their friendship soon turns into love, and lust. They have to deal with homophobia, bigotry, and racism. Can they make it through all for each other?

What the press would say:

An amazing cast helps this wonderful movie play out beautifully. Liam Aiken (A Series of Unfortunate Events) plays the shy and insecure Jack, while Alexander Michaeletos (Duma) plays the flamboyant and ostentatious Elliot. Veteran model Iman plays mother and model Natané, and Eartha Kitt plays her mother Bousia Mawunyaga. The movie teaches acceptance and kindness. This movie could end the thought that life only begins after eighteen.

Oscar Potential:
Best Picture
Best Actor (Liam Aiken)
Best Supporting Actor (Alexander Michaeletos)
Best Supporting Actress (Iman)
Best Supporting Actress (Eartha Kitt)
Best Original Score (James Horner)
Best Director (Ron Howard)
Best Original Screenplay (Nancy Meyers)

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