Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rocket Man

Author: Corey
Location: LA

"Rocket Man"

Directed by Ang Lee
Written by Alan Ball
Original Score by Elton John

Principal Cast:

Justin Timberlake as Elton John
Freddie Highmore as Young Elton John
Michelle Pfeiffer as Renate Blauel
Jeremy Piven as David Furnish

Tagline: "Underneath the pop icon, there was a confused sole"

Synopsis: Rocket Man shows the interesting life of one of the greatest rock and piano musicians of all time, Elton John. Starting out showing his childhood, Elton grows up amidst confusion over his sexual orientation. During the 70's, he becomes a rock icon. After his start up of fame, he goes through one marriage to a German recording engineer Renate Blauel, then another to ad exec David Furnish after the realization that he is a homosexual. After being knighted by the Queen, he still reigns as a pop icon today.

What the press would say:

Music star Justin Timberlake takes a serious role in his adaptation of his personal hero. Young Freddie Highmore is outstanding for his bit role. Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeremy Piven are also stunning in their supporting roles as lovers of Elton. While not delving too deeply into the sexual side of Elton's life, Ang Lee brings the magnificient approach he had with Brokeback Mountain to this film. As only right, Elton John himself conducts an original score bringing also along his previous hits. Rocket Man could be potentially nominated in these categories:

Best Picture
Best Director: Ang Lee
Best Screenplay: Alan Ball
Best Original Score: Elton John
Best Actor: Justin Timberlake
Best Supporting Actor: Freddie Highmore
Best Supporting Actress: Michelle Pfeiffer
Best Supporting Actor: Jeremy Piven
And other various technical categories

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