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Dont' Cry for Me, Broadway

Author: Alex
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"Don't Cry for Me, Broadway"

Directed by Taylor Hackford
Written by James Mangold
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Principal Cast:

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Patti LuPone)
Patrick Wilson (Mandy Patinkin)
Michael Cerveris (Himself)
Glenn Close (Herself)
Jonathan Pryce (Bob Gunton)
Albert Finney (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Sean Connery (Stephen Sondheim)
Timothy Hutton (Kevin Kline)

Guest Appearances by:
Patti LuPone (Patti’s Mother)
Mandy Patinkin (Patti’s Father)

Tagline: "Broadway’s greatest diva comes to the screen!"

Synopsis:Directed by Taylor Hackford, this biopic profiles the life of Broadway diva Patti LuPone. Despite humble beginnings, LuPone, depicted by Catherine Zeta-Jones, would nonetheless become an icon on Broadway. The film covers the highlights of her career with shows such as as “Evita“, “Sweeney Todd“, “Anything Goes“, “Sunset Boulevard“, “Les Misérables”, and “Oliver“. Also among the cast are Patrick Wilson as Mandy Patinkin, as well as Michael Cerveris, Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Albert Finney, Sean Connery, and Timothy Hutton, with special appearances by Mandy Patinkin and Patti
LuPone herself!

What the press would say:

The legendary Broadway diva and Tony winner Patti LuPone is brought from stage to screen. Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the role she was destined for, Patti LuPone! As for Patti’s colleagues, Patrick Wilson plays her Evita co-star Mandy Patinkin, Michael Cerveris (Sweeney Todd) and Glenn Close (Sunset Boulevard) play themselves, and Jonathan Pryce (after playing his role of Juan Peron in the Evita movie musical) plays Bob Gunton. Albert Finney plays Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sean Connery plays Stephen Sondheim, while Timothy Hutton plays her ex-boyfriend and fellow actor Kevin Kline. A note to the Academy: JUST GIVE HER THE OSCAR ALREADY!!!

Best Picture
Best Director: Hackford
Best Actress: Zeta-Jones
Best Supporting Actor: Wilson
Best Supporting Actor: Cerveris
Best Supporting Actress: Close
Best Supporting Actor: Finney
Best Supporting Actor: Connery
Best Supporting Actor: Hutton
Best Supporting Actress: LuPone
Best Original Screenplay: Mangold
Best Score: Webber

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