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Author: Craig
Location: CA


Directed by Anthony Minghella (Cold Mountain)
Written by Shawn Lawrence Otto (House of Sand and Fog)
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Kate Hudson (Marie Crowell)
Joseph Fiennes (Bobby)
Natalie Portman (Millie)
Nicole Kidman (Isabelle Crowell)
Craig T. Nelson (Reverend Thomas)
Elle Fanning (Morgan Crowell)

Tagline: "You have to work for the things you want"

Synopsis: Fictional account of a homeless woman (Hudson) who takes on prostitution in order to make money. Supporting cast includes: Joseph Fiennes, who plays one of Hudson’s customers who eventually fal ls in love with her; Natalie Portman, who is Hudson’s onscreen best friend, and is not informed of what Hudson is doing with her life; Nicole Kidman, the rich woman who treats her sister, Hudson, as a leper, giving the film its title; Craig T. Nelson, who plays a preacher attempting to bring Hudson back to her regular life; and Elle Fanning, Kidman’s daughter who wants to see Hudson no matter what her mother says about her..

What the press would say:

Hudson gives one of her best serious roles in this gritty drama alongside an outstanding supporting cast. Hudson melts into her character and makes the plot extremely believable. She brings the audience to laughter, to awe, and to tears throughout the whole film. Fiennes is fabulous and will surely score a nomination as the customer who cares for the lead but cannot seem to stop taking advantage of her no matter how hard he tries. Portman steals the show as the friend who is oblivious to what is occurring. She is part of one of the best sequences in the film when she is informed and she snaps. She brings extreme emotion into the character and&nbs p; causes the audience to feel for her. And lastly, it looks like another nomination for one of the younger stars. Elle Fanning’s performance rivals that of Anna Paquin in The Piano. She plays a very mature young girl who learns about the bad qualities of the world much earlier than she should. Minghella has come up with another masterpiece that cannot be resisted.

Best Picture
Best Director: Anthony Minghella
Best Adapted Screenplay: Shawn Lawrence Otto
Best Actress: Kate Hudson
Best Supporting Actor: Joseph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actress: Natalie Portman
Best Supporting Actress: Elle Fanning

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