Sunday, June 22, 2008

Les Miserables: The Movie Musical

Author: Alex
Location: Washington State

"Les Misérables: The Movie Musical"

Directed by Rob Marshall
Adapted from the Stage by Bill Condon & Alan Parker

Principal Cast:

Mandy Patinkin (Jean Valjean)
Jeremy Irons (Javert)
Patti LuPone (Fantine)
Idina Menzel (Cossette)
Nathan Lane & Kathy Bates (The Thénardiers)
Kristen Chenoweth (Eponine)
Ewan McGregor (Marius)
Hugh Jackman (Enjolras)
Patrick Wilson (Grantaire)

Tagline: "All this over a loaf of bread"

Synopsis: The story of the fall and redemption of Jean Valjean, arrested for stealing some bread for his starving family. In prison he's constantly bothered by the hard-nosed lawman Javert. Valjean is paroled, but runs away and becomes the mayor of a small town. He meets a dying woman named Fantine and swears to raise her daughter. Javert catches up to him, but Valjean escapes. The daughter, Cosette, grows up and falls in love with Marius, a student. An ill-fated, student-led revolution makes for the climax.

What the press would say:

You know, there's a reason why classics are classics. One is reminded of that when one watches Rob Marshall’s production of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, adapted for the screen by Bill Condon and Alan Parker. This famous novel, about the struggles of the downtrodden in early 19th-century France and the good that comes from evil, is a mammoth project to undertake, but the cast assembled by Marshall renders it admirably. Not only are his talents evident, but so are those of such names as Mandy Patinkin, Jeremy Irons, Patti LuPone, and Idina Menzel. With a group like this, and with Hugo's literature, who could lose?

Best Picture
Best Director: Marshall
Best Actor: Patinkin
Best Supporting Actor: Irons
Best Supporting Actress: LuPone
Best Supporting Actress: Menzel
Best Supporting Actor: Lane
Best Supporting Actress: Bates
Best Supporting Actress: Chenoweth
Best Supporting Actor: McGregor
Best Supporting Actor: Jackman
Best Supporting Actor: Wilson
Best Adapted Screenplay: Condon & Parker

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