Sunday, June 22, 2008

Choosing Sides

Author: Alex
Location: Washington State

"Choosing Sides"

Directed by Stephen Gaghan
Written by Stephen Gaghan & Aaron Sorkin
Music by John Williams
Best Original Song "I'm My Own President" by Billy Joel

Principal Cast:

Independents/First Family:
Bradley Whitford (President James Schumer)
Virginia Madsen (First Lady Lindsay Schumer)
Anna Devere Smith (Chief of Staff Catherine Scott)
Richard Schiff (Press Secretary Walter Brown)
Allison Janney (Senior Speech Writer Beverly Kendall)
Marlee Matlin (Vice-President Elizabeth Sheridan)
Morgan Freeman (David King, Presidents’ choice for Supreme Court seat)

Gene Hackman (Speaker of the House Roger Coddington)
Meryl Streep (Secretary of State Eleanor McAvoy)
Alan Alda (Congressman Leo Fisher)
Felicity Huffman (Congresswoman Esther Oberhofer)
Sigourney Weaver (Congresswoman Christine Flies)
Chris Cooper (Senator Arnold Ryan)
Ed Harris (Wendell Krotow, Republicans’ choice for Supreme Court seat)

Glenn Close (Senate Majority Leader Rachel Harper)
Tommy Lee Jones (Secretary of Defense Tom Pine)
Dustin Hoffman (Senator Jed Lavine)
Susan Sarandon (Senator Nancy Donner)
Donald Sutherland (Congressman Gregory Peterson)
Stockard Channing (Congresswoman Grace Thompson)
Tom Wilkinson (Stanley Carr, Democrats’ choice for Supreme Court seat)

Tagline: "There are two political parties always vying for control of our nation. President Schumer is caught in the crossfire."

Synopsis: Choosing Sides is about the first Jewish as well Independent president(Bradley Whitford). The two parties (led by Glenn Close & Alan Alda) constantly take advantage of his lack of support in Congress, and battle for their Supreme Court choice to be pushed forward by the President.

What the press would say:

A phenomenal story of how a president (played by Bradley Whitford) overcame the troubles of having no support as an Independent. There’s nothing more fun than evil politicians! An amazing cast with Meryl Streep and Gene Hackman expected to take home Oscars. A West Wing style film about both parties trying to get their Supreme Court choices (played by Tom Wilkinson and Ed Harris) nominated and confirmed. Choosing Sides is an overall great film that we're expecting to receive a many number of Oscars.

Best Picture
Best Director: Gaghan
Best Actor: Whitford
Best Actress: Madsen
Best Supporting Actor: Hackman
Best Supporting Actor: Jones
Best Supporting Actor: Sutherland
Best Supporting Actor: Hoffman
Best Supporting Actor: Schiff
Best Supporting Actress: Streep
Best Supporting Actress: Close
Best Supporting Actress: Sarandon
Best Supporting Actress: Weaver
Best Supporting Actress: Smith
Best Original Screenplay: Gaghan & Sorkin
Best Score: Williams
Best Original Song: Billy Joel

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