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Directed by Alan J. Pakula
Written by Alan J. Pakula & Oliver Stone
Music by John Williams

Principal Cast:

Chris Cooper (George W. Bush)
Jeff Bridges (Al Gore)
Catherine O’Hara (Laura Bush)
Kim Basinger (Tipper Gore)
Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Dick Cheney)
Wallace Shawn (Joe Lieberman)
Jeff Daniels (Jeb Bush)
Susan Sarandon (Katherine Harris)
Tommy Lee Jones (John McCain)
Forrest Whitaker (Alan Keyes)
Jean Smart (Hillary Clinton)
Timothy Hutton (Bill Clinton)

Tagline: "In a Presidential Election, EVERY vote counts"

Synopsis: A film about the 2000 Presidential Election, 2000 when Bush announces his candidacy and ends when Gore succeeds the election. Staring Academy Award Winner Chris Cooper (Adaptation) as George W. Bush and Jeff Bridges (The Contender) as Al Gore. Directed by, screenplay by Academy Award Winner Alan J. Pakula (All the Presidents Men) and Oliver Stone (JFK), and music by Academy Award Winner John Williams (Schindler’s List).

What the press would say:

The most anticipated blockbuster of the year is finally here! A film about the 2000 election that doesn’t call Bush a cheater or Gore a sore loser. This is a real turning point in Stone’s
career, for the reason that he doesn’t just display conspiracies (JFK). With this as well as World Trade Center, Stone is becoming more and more of a respectable. This film also has several Oscar winners including Chris Cooper, Kim Basinger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Susan Sarandon, and Tommy Lee Jones, along with Wallace Shawn, Jeff Bridges, Catherine O’Hara, Jeff Daniels, Forrest Whitaker, Jean Smart, and Timothy Hutton. It’s no surprise that 2000 has won every Best Ensemble Cast, including the SAG Award! It’s bound to rack up big on Oscar night.

Best Picture
Best Director (Stone)
Best Actor (Cooper)
Best Actor (Bridges)
Best Actress (O’Hara)
Best Actress (Basinger)
Best Supporting Actor (Hoffman)
Best Supporting Actor (Shawn)
Best Supporting Actor (Daniels)
Best Supporting Actress (Sarandon)
Best Supporting Actor (Jones)
Best Supporting Actress (Smart)
Best Supporting Actor (Hutton)
Best Original Screenplay (Pakula & Stone)
Best Score (Williams)

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