Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Matt Kanter
Location: Washington State


Directed by Danis Tanovic
Written by Danis Tanovic & Paul Haggis

Principal Cast:

Terrence Howard-Martin Luther King Jr.
Jamie Foxx-Malcolm X
Garrett Morris-Martin Luther King Sr.
Irma P. Hall-Alberta Williams King
Regina King-Coretta Scott King
Jaden Smith-Anthony Patterson
Will Smith-Blake Patterson
Reese Witherspoon-Denise Patterson
Sarah Bolger-Emma McTownsend
Brendan Gleeson-Charlie McTownsend
Lindsay Lohan-Sarah McTownsend
Eva Green-Paulette Claude McTownsend

Tagline: "N/A"

Synopsis: The first english language feature from criticaly acclaimed director Danis Tanovic ("No Man's Land", Best Foreign Film Academy Award Winner) written by Tanovic and Academy Award winner Paul Haggis ("Crash", "Million Dollar Baby"). A Film that focuses not only on Martin Luther King Jr., but also his future impact on the world. The Film focuses on the height of Martin Luther King's (Academy Award Nominee Terence Howard, "Hustle and Flow" power in the civil rights movement, then we move forward about 6 months after his assasination to watch the story of Anthony Patterson (Newcomer Jaden Smith) a 9 year old half black half white boy who does not yet realize who Martin Luther King was, but personaly knew him as one of his father's (Academy Award Nominee Will Smith, "Ali") friends, then too modern day as recent Irish Immigrant girl Emma McTownsend (Sarah Bolger, "In America") who's only sence of integration is when both the black and white kids make fun of her in her metropolitan Seattle Area school, and the dirty looks her father's (Brendan Gleeson, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") Trophy Wife Paulette (Eva Green, "Casino Royale") gives her. Along with the powerful cast previously mentioned there's Jamie Foxx (Academy Award Winner "Ray"), Garrett Morris
("SNL"), Irma P. Hall ("The Ladykillers"), Regina King ("Ray"), Reese Witherspoon (Academy Award Winner, "Walk the Line"), and Lindsay Lohan ("Mean Girls")

What the press would say:

An amazing film, Danis Tanovic, who is little known in American for his fantastic Bosnian film "No Man's Land", makes an amazing English Language debut with a great film that not only makes us remember MLK in a hopeful way, but also causes us to look at our society today and realize that the only changes made have been made legally, racism and prejudice is still a problem in this country and we have to deal with it. The film has a magnificent screenplay (Co-Written by Tanovic and Super Writer Paul Haggis) and a great cast that most of who'm give their career best, even Jamie Foxx, who out do's his Academy Award Winning Performance in Ray, but still can't hold a candle to Denzel Washington's Portrayal of Malcolm X (Who Foxx plays in the film), the only exception to this is Jaden Smith (son of Will), although he does show potential for future roles. This film is campaigning for these academy award nominations:

Best Picture
Best Director: Danis Tanovic
Best Original Screenplay: Danis Tanovic & Paul Haggis
Best Actor: Terence Howard
Best Actress: Sarah Bolger
Best Supporting Actor: Jamie Foxx
Best Supporting Actor: Will Smith
Best Supporting Actor: Brendan Gleeson
Best Supporting Actor: Garrett Morris
Best Supporting Actress: Regina King
Best Supporting Actress: Reese Witherspoon
Best Supporting Actress: Eva Green
Best Supporting Actress: Lindsay Lohan
Best Supporting Actress: Irma P. Hall
And Various tech noms including Editing (Hughes Winborn, Academy Award
Winner "Crach) and Costumes (Santino Rice, "Project Runway").

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