Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saints and Sinners

Author: Jimmy Somerton
Location: Canada

"Saints and Sinners"

Directed By: Mike Newell
Written By: James Somerton
Editing By: Dody Dorn
Score By: Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

Evan Rachel Wood as Helen
Hillary Duff as Christina
Tyler Hoechlin as Alexander
Thora Birch as Victoria
Q'Orianka Kilcher as Hadelina
Tina Majorino as Felicia
Jeremy Sumpter as Gregory
Julianne Moore as Sister Katherine

Tagline: "The Last Day of School Could Be The Last Day of Their Lives"

Synopsis: It is the last day of school before Summer Vacation at St. James Catholic High School. It appears that only six students have shown up for their last day of school, but no one has noticed Helen. That is common however; Helen is never noticed. No one likes her and no one dislikes her. She is simply unknown. Sister Katherine, the only attending staff member, calls all of the students into the gym for the rest of the morning to play some sports.

Helen watches through the doors as the other six play basketball. Then she enters the gym with them... But she's holding a gun. Helen holds everyone hostage in an attempt to force them into knowing her. Blood is shed and lives are changed before it is all over and Helen is the last one to fall.

What the press would say:

"Saints & Sinners" is a showcase for young talent. Evan Rachel Wood brings the roll of Helen to life with both forboding and sympathy. Julianne Moore is spot on as Sister Katherine, the lone adult cast member. The whole cast is brilliant but this is Helen's story. From the moment the first shot is fired, the audience feels uneasy. School, the safest place for children, isn't safe anymore. And even more disturbing is that you find yourself sympathizing with Helen. Mike Newell directs this powerful film from a screenplay written by first time writer, James Somerton. He uses very little blood in a movie that could have been a blood bath. The use of tension instead of gore draws in the audience far more than blood-splattered walls would.

Best Picture
Best Director - Mike Newell
Best Original Screenplay - James Somerton
Best Actress - Evan Rachel Wood
Best Supporting Actress - Jullianne Moore
Best Supporting Actress - Thora Birch
Best Film Editing - Dody Dorn
Best Original Song - "Saints & Sinners" by Amy Lee
Best Original Score - Howard Shore

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