Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pretty Young

Author: James Somerton
Location: Nova Scotia, CA

"Pretty Young"

Directed By: Gus Van Zant
Written By: James E.W. Somerton
Music By: James Newton Howard

Principal Cast:

Robin McNeil as Lexi Grant (Alexis Kuff)
Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeremy Glenn (Alex Stone)
Jenna Jameson as Traci Empire
Linsdsay Lohan as Jessica James
Michael Imperioli as Agent Anderson

Tagline: "A Different Kind of Love Story"

Synopsis: Lexi Grant is a young girl who has everything going for her; she's beautiful, smart, funny, and popular. The only thing that she can't seem to get is a job, which all of her friends have. She searched desperately for employment and finally finds it as a model. But modeling can only go so far and she begins nude modeling and eventually finds herself being drawn into the world of porn. Her life begins falling apart as she falls deeper and deeper in drugs, the man she loves dies because of something she did, and her once massive popularity in porn has dwindled to almost nothing. She has no family left to run to and the FBI is after her for what she has done. All of this before she turns eighteen.

What the press would say:

"Pretty Young Thing" is a showcase for new and old talent. With a brilliant script by a first time writer and the direction of a season vet., the story speeds ahead, never losing the audience. Robin McNeil brings Lexi Grant to life to the vigor and life of teenaged spirit, but gives Alexis Kuff the inner darkness of a drugged out junkie. The rest of the cast, including
real -life queen of porn Jenna Jameson as the venomous ex-porn queen turned producer, Traci Empire, make the viewer believe that what they are seeing are actual events, not the fictional account of so many people in the world of porn. A brillitant screenplay, fantastic direction, and a steller cast bring "Pretty Young Thing" out into the world with all the glitz and horrors of the porn world.

Best Picture.
Best Director: Gus Van Zant.
Best Original Screenplay: James E.W. Somerton.
Best Original Score: James Newton Howard.
Best Actress: Robin McNeil.
Best Supporting Actress: Jenna Jameson.
Best Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal

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