Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Matthew LaRusso
Location: New Jersey


Directed by: Mike Nichols
Written by: Eric Roth
Music by: Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Jake Gyllenhaal as Cameron Pratt
Hayden Christiansen as Dave Simon
Christina Ricci as Marissa
Julia Stiles as Julie
Jessica Alba as Jennifer
Vanessa Lengies as Jocelyn
Anna Paquin as Heather
Kirsten Dunst as Vanessa

Tagline: "Sometimes luck is nowhere to be found"

Synopsis: The story of an intelligent college student (Gyllenhaal) who seems to have the worst luck with women, despite his friend's (Christiansen) constant approval and motivation. In his search for the perfect woman, he tries to find himself in the process.

What the press would say:

A very young and talented ensemble make for a wonderfully dark and funny movie. Nichols' direction is superb as is the score by Al Silvestri. Aside from the great performances of the far from perfect young women in this film, Gyllenhaal is magnificient and is sure to garner the academy's attention as is Christina Ricci, who plays the over obsessive Marissa. Eric Roth adds a brilliantly original and funny screenplay.

Best Picture
Best Director- Mike Nichols
Best Actor- Jake Gyllenhaal
Best S. Actress- Christina Ricci
Best O. Screenplay- Eric Roth
Best Score
Best Original Song- "Who Am I?- Teddy Geiger

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