Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reflections and Shadows

Author: Deepak
Location: Appleton

"Reflections and Shadows"

Directed by Sam Mendes
Produced by Paul Haggis and Chris Cooper
Screenplay by Emma Thompson
Music by Alan Silvestri

Principal Cast:

Anna Paquin as Jade Christen
Anne Hathaway as Lauren Cade
Catherine Keener as Mrs. Virginia
Ben Foster as Rob Reinhart
Rachel McAdams as Katy Reinhart
Chris Cooper as Mr. Tom Reinhart
Emma Thompson as Mrs. Bassett Reinhart

Tagline: "We all know the difference between ourselves and our reflections. But which one of us do others know?"

Synopsis: Some of us hate what we see in the mirror and the rest just walk through life in someone's shadow.This is a tale of two traumatized people leading two different life but face the same problem...

Jade Christen (Paquin) was an unshakable Christian, well atleast according to her. She was a straight A student but also was the ugly duckling at Sherwood High School. She hated being mocked at for her faith and her being a 'nerd' especially by Lauren (Hathaway), the most popular girl in school. She always cried because she hated what she saw in the mirror when she stood in front of it and wanted to know what everyone hated about her. She began to change and pushed everyone who truly loved her to a distance. She grew vices and started drinking more than her father who died of alcoholism. Soon she was the most popular person at school. She denounced God. Soon she found herself in a psychiatric hospital. Now, she hated even more what she saw in the mirror because somewhere deep inside she hated what she had become.

Rob Reinhart (Foster) had everything he needed, money, good grades and beauty except happiness. He loved in the shadow of his sister. After being sexually abused by his gay father (Cooper) at the age of 12, he approached his mother (Thompson), a very obvious adultress, but she shooed him off saying that he was lying. But there was this one secret he couldn't tell anyone... .He was gay but he couldn't admit it. Rob lived in an extreme anti-gay community. Rob's hurt accumulated in him. He loathed himself and his reflection. But in all this, he put on a mask and show anyone his sadness because he knew they wouldn't care. The only person he talked to was his sister, Katy (McAdams). But after a great tragedy in his family he knew it was over for him.

Jade and Rob were afraid that anyone would find out who they really were and put on a masquerade to cover it up. But is it too late for them to change?

What the press would say:

I assure you, this movie will change the way you look at yourself and your life. The movie alternates between the life of two teens. Anna Paquin and Ben Foster remarkably portray Jade and Rob. Anne Hathaway excels as Jade's adversary, Lauren. Chris Cooper and Emma Thompson make us hate them as Rob's parents and they do it effortlessly. Rachel McAdams is sure to become a sensation by the way she acts. This movie is a masterpiece, in every sense of the word and just one word summarizes the whole movie - life-changing! I've been convinced that this movie will be a major contender for Oscar gold.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Film Editing
Best Actress - Anna Paquin
Best Actor - Ben Foster
Best Supporting Actress - Emma Thompson
Best Supporting Actress - Anne Hathaway
Best Supporting Actor - Chris Cooper

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