Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Alone

Author: Josh P.
Location: Chicago, IL

"All Alone"

Directed by Bennett Miller
Written by Paul Haggis
Produced by Ang Lee and James Shamus
Cinematography by Rodrigo Prieto
Edited by Hughes Winborne

Principal Cast:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Billy Walker)
Geal García Bernal (Enrique Salas)
Haley Joel Osment (Joey Treystone)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Dayrl Longsteen)
Dianne Wiest (Amanda Walker)
Brian Cox (Jonathan Walker)
Ian McKellen (Professor James Arminsen)
Gwyneth Paltrow (Angie Henrickson)

Tagline: "Before the act of acceptance, comes the responsibility to act for it"

Synopsis: The movie tells the touching and heart-wrenching tale of a young gay man (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) trying to deal with the extreme hate and prejudice in the world during the 1980s in America. He does learn very fast that this isn't an easy world to live in. His father (Brian Cox) has basicly disowned him and his mother (Dianne Wiest) no longer speaks to him. He leaves his Chicago home behind and travels to New York where he attends a school in hopes of becoming a novelist. While there, he meets Enrique Salas (Gael García Bernal) and they immediatly fall in love. They must still be cautious though, especially when an old friend of Billy's stops by and drops off his son which he concieved with her on prom night eight years ago. Billy keeps the boy (Haley Joel Osment) but realizes that this is still a dangerous situation for his son and his own life.

What the press would say:

Another wonderful film has poured out of the talents of Bennett Miller. His gentle sensitivity to each frame gives it the extra touch needed. Paul Haggis also provides a magnificent screenplay that does well once again in evaluating the terms in today's social order. The movie also contains a great ensemble: Meyers has all the versitility needed to transend in this part and he is backed up by an equally impressive Bernal. Osment reminds us that he does posses talent beyond "The Sixth Sense" and minor players like Gyllenhaal, Cox, Wiest and Ian McKellen, who serves as a teacher at the school who does a pretty good critique on society. People are already exclaiming this to be the best film of the entire year. The consideration campaign:

Best Picture
Best Director: Bennett Miller
Best Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Best Supporting Actor: Gael García Bernal
Best Supporting Actor: Brian Cox
Best Supporting Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actress: Dianne Wiest
Best Original Screenplay: Paul Haggis
Best Cinematography
Best Film Editing

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