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I'll Remember Them

Author: Deepak
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"I'll Remember Them"

Directed by Stephen Daldry
Produced by Don Cheadle and Bob Yari
Screenplay by Cameron Crowe
Music by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Jennifer Freeman (Kinah)
Oprah Winfrey ('Gogo' Ayo)
Don Cheadle (Nduke Ty)
Sophie Okenedo (Fari Toshi)
Morgan Freeman (Grandfather Khamani)
George O. Gore II (Hasani)
Denzel Washington (Iniko)
Halle Berry (Hazika)
Marcia Gay Harden (Doctor Susie)
Samantha Morton (Nurse Wilma)
Joaquin Phoenix (Lt. Richard Bart)

Tagline: "The dangers that lie ahead are worse than the ones they flee from..."

Synopsis: Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry revives the short story 'The Ultimate Safari' by Nadine Gordimer and directs this heart-softening tale of a little girl, Kinah (Jennifer), struggling to survive in the midst of war and a racist environment in Mozambique and also of the hardships shes faces at the tender age of 13. Now, after losing her father, Iniko (Denzel Washington), to the war and after the sudden disappearance of her mother, Hazika (Halle Berry), Kinah has only her grandparents, Ayo (Winfrey) and Khamini (Morgan) and her brother, Hasani (George), at her side.Under the belief that her mother is still alive and will someday return, she agrees to her grandmother's decision of fleeing from Mozambique and heading towards the refugee camp in South Africa. But what they have to cross to get to safety is far more dangerous than the war, the Zamrir Park where they befriend a pregnant woman, Fari Toshi (Sophie Okenedo). Being led by a mere stranger, Nduke Ty (Cheadle), they have to get across the park infiltrated with racist white soldiers, by whom if they where to be caught would be tortured and killed. This movie is about the journey of a girl through life. A life through which no child would even want to dream of. Also starring are Joaquin Phoenix, Samantha Morton and Marcia Gay Harden.

What the press would say:

Stephen Daldry does, once again, an amazing job in directing the all star cast in what-is-called 'Daldry's best movie since The Hours.' The story of 'I'll Remember Them' is of a gril living in one of the many warring villages of Mozambique and the difficulties she faces after the death of her father and disapperance of her mother. The movie shows us her journey through life and the Zamrir Park with only her grandparents and her brother there at her side. They depend on a mere stranger to lead them through the Park and he bravely takes their life in his hands. Kinah and company also have another burden of taking an 8 months pregnant woman safely across the Park, as they promised they would. In the movie, Jennifer Freeman plays Kinah with an elegance absent in most child actors and George O. Gore II plays Kinah's brother, Hasani. Academy Award nominee Oprah Winfrey gives the best performance of the year as Ayo, the grandmother who takes charge of the children's lives and Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman undertakes the role of the dying grandfather (Khamani) with ease. But Oscar nominated actors Sophie Okenedo and Don Cheadle are the ones who stole the spotlight with their magnificent portrayal of Fari Toshi, the pregnant woman and Nduke Ty, the brave leader. The movie also stars Oscar winners Halle Berry and Denzel Washington as Kinah's parents. Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden and two-time nominee Samantha Morton, who acts the greatest enthusiasm, portray Susie and Wilma, the medical staff at the refugee camp and two-time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix is Lieutant Richard Bart, the officail who is an extreme racist. This is one of the have-to-see movies of the year. Its stellar performance and the great story that makes you leave the theater in tears, makes 'I'll Remember Them' an obvious contender for Oscar gold.

Best Picture: Bob Yari and Don Cheadle
Best Director: Stephen Daldry
Best Adapted Screenplay: Cameron Crowe
Best Original Score: James Horner
Best Actress: Whoopi Goldberg
Best Actress: Jennifer Freeman
Best Suppoerting Actor: Don Cheadle
Best Supporting Actor: Morgan Freeman
Best Supporting Actress: Sophie Okenedo
Best Suporting Actress: Samantha Morton
Best Costume Design
Best Art Design
Best Film Editing

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