Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Punch

Author: D.W. Dillon
Location: Las Vegas, NV

"The Punch"

Directed by John Sayles
Written by John Sayles & John Fienstein
Adapted from the book by John Fienstein
Music by Jerry Goldsmith

Principal Cast:

Will Smith - Kermit Washington (Lakers Power Forward)
Jesse Spencer - Rudy Tomjanovich (Rockets Guard)
Thandi Newton - Pat Carter Washington (Wife)
Don Cheadle - Calvin Murphy (Rockets Point Guard)
Jeff Bridges - Jerry West (Lakers Coach)
William Devane - Pete Newell (Lakers GM/Mentor)
Dennis Hopper - Ted Green (Sportswriter)

Tagline: "The Punch Heard Around The World"

Synopsis: Lakers power forward Kermit Washington, dubbed presumably by the media as "The Enforcer" during a time in the NBA when fighting was almost as common in the sport as it was in hockey, tries to find redemption after breaking the face of Rockets guard Rudy Tomjanovich in a game. Through death threats, constantly being traded from team to team, the complete regret of what happened to Rudy T. and with hope running thin, Kermit re-invents himself, dedicated to helping the struggling people of Rwanda.

What the press would say:

Based on the book by John Feinstein, John Sayles sinks his directing talents into his second sports film (first, Eight Men Out), this time taking on one of the most horrific incidents in NBA history. Will Smith plays redemption to the fullest and tacks on another brilliant sporting performance. Jeff Bridges and Thandi Newton pull off strong supporting roles. A well-developed character study of a film which makes it a strong contender for Best Picture. Jerry Goldsmith scores his second basketball film (Hoosiers), almost locking himself in for a nomination.

Best Picture
Best Director - John Sayles
Best Actor - Will Smith
Best Supporting Actor - Jeff Bridges
Best Supporting Actress - Thandi Newton
Best Adapted Screenplay - John Sayles & John Fienstein
Best Cinematography - Roger Deakins
Best Score - Jerry Goldsmith
Best Editing
Best Sound
Best Sound Editing
Best Costume

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