Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: John Savu
Location: Romania


Directed by Stephen Daldry
Written by Stephen Daldry
Score provided by James Horner

Principal Cast:

Freddie Highmore(Henry "Emosie")
Maggie Smith (Susan Julian)
Julie Walters (Lily Julian)
Johnny Depp(Bagger Kramp)

Tagline: "You're life's at an edge.start feelingsomething"

Synopsis: Henry "Emosie" is an 12-year old english boy who must give an exam to go in the 5th grade.His been raised by his two old aunts since his parents died in a terrible plane crash. But Henry'sproblems do not stop here because he meets Bagger, an intelligent man who lives on the streets and who is going to die by blood-cancer in eight months and who tries to help Henry by giving him the "exam of life", an exam of maximum emotional importance, even including Jessica, a girl Henry likes.Stephen Daldry gives us more than feelings, he makes us relive the moment in our life when we grow up and discover sweet love, but even passing this "exam" Henry must take care of his older aunt who is, like Bagger, dying because ofblood cancer.

What the press would say:

In emotional state is this movie in. No one can match Daldry now, maybe just Steven Spielberg. Beautiful, delusional and magnificent is this movie and it's score created by James Horner. Note: "Emosie" means emotion in African language

Best Picture
Best Director(Stephen Daldry)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role(Maggie Smith)
Best Actress in a Supporting Role(Julie Walters)
Best Actor in a Leading Role(Freddie Highmore)
Best Actor in a Supporting Role(Johnny Depp)
Best Original Screenplay
Best Film Editing
Best Original Song:"L is more liked"
Best Original Score

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