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Directed By: Robert Altman
Written By: Sofia Coppola
Produced By: Clint Eastwood
Edited By: Clint Eastwood

Principal Cast:

Lindsay Lohan as Evelyn Townsend
Haley Joel Osment as Mike Lostervy
Kevin Spacey as Tod Lostervy
Annette Bening as Linda Lostervy
Cate Blanchett as Laura Townsend

Tagline: "Two families. Two lovers. Three stories. One outcome"

Synopsis: The film revolves around a high school turnabout dance and a couple of teenagers. Their lives and the lives of their relatives are not always perfect. These lives unfold in three different stories, in which the characters as well as the plot, change. However, the themes and imagery remain constant. The two lovers (Lohan and Osment) must battle parents and other setbacks, in order to be together. In one story, a father (Spacey) objects to the romance. The man is bipolar, with many highs and lows. Through flashbacks, a secret is revealed about his wife (Bening). In another story, a mother (Blanchett) feels that her daughter is too good for the boy. On the other hand, the character can seem supportive in the other two stories. Each of the three stories take place during the same time slot, a week leading up to the turnabout. Personalities and lives are flipped and turned about.

What the press would say:

Lindsay Lohan and Haley Joel Osment give performances that go beyond their years. Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening reunite in another potential Best Picture winner, after American Beauty. All of the actors take on the challenge of playing the same character in multiple ways, and they succeed. Sophia Coppola continues her amazing streak of wonderful screenplays. The complicated story causes the audience to get involved and truly understand. Robert Altman does with the story what nobody else could have done. Love must be fought for, and this film has won our love.

Best Picture
Best Director - Robert Altman
Best Original Screenplay - Sophia Coppola
Best Actor - Haley Joel Osment
Best Supporting Actor - Kevin Spacey
Best Supporting Actress - Cate Blanchett
Best Editing
Best Score

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