Sunday, June 22, 2008

Joe's Cafe

Author: Craig O'Meara
Location: Fremont, CA

"Joe's Cafe"

Directed by David Lynch
Written by Charlie Kaufman
Music by Rachel Portman

Principal Cast:

Russell Crowe- Peter Martin
Jennifer Connelly- Marie Martin
Kevin Costner- Dennis Bennett
Michelle Pfeiffer- Isabel Bennett
Michael Angarano- Alex Bennett
Emilie de Ravin- Alison Martin
Tom Hanks- Officer Rourke
Juliette Binoche- Mathilda Martin

Tagline: "How can you have hope when all hope is lost?"

Synopsis: From the imagination of director David Lynch comes a thrilling psychological drama that centers around two couples (Crowe and Connelly, Costner and Pfeiffer) whose children (Angarano, de Ravin) go missing in the same place on the same day. The four people come to believe that the disappearances were linked until one couple (Costner, Pfeiffer) learns that their son was merely staying at a friend’s house. However, the son reveals that he saw the other couple’s daughter being abducted by his mother. This deceptive drama is full of elements that combine to form a one-of-a-kind film.

What the press would say:

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly reunite in this unusual and amazing thriller-drama. Connelly is marvelous as a grieving mother who gives up on the case and decides to resort to alcohol in order to drown her grief. Pfeiffer is equally good as the mother who was supposedly seen kidnapping the young woman. Her performance steals the show and makes the audience wonder whether she is guilty or not. Hanks, Crowe, and Costner all have key parts in the plot as well, but they are overshadowed by the women, especially Juliette Binoche, who plays the femme fatale aunt of de Ravin. While her on-screen sister (Connelly) is miserable and hopeless, Binoche is ferocious in her battle against Pfeiffer and her attempt to find the daughter. Costner stands out above the other males as the husband who no longer knows if he should trust his wife. The amazing direction of David Lynch and the all-star cast make this a promisin g and Oscar-worthy film.

Potential Awards

Best Picture
Best Director-David Lynch
Best Original Screenplay- Charlie Kaufman
Best Original Score- Rachel Portman
Best Actress- Jennifer Connelly
Best Supporting Actress- Juliette Binoche
Best Supporting Actress- Michelle Pfeiffer
Best Supporting Actor- Kevin Costner

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