Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Dear Suffragists and Suffragettes

Author: Qasim Asif
Location: London, UK

"My Dear Suffragists and Suffragettes"

Directed by Bill Condon
Produced by Bill Condon
Music by Elton John

Principal Cast:

Sabiqa Kishwar Asif – Millicent Fawcett
Nicole Kidman – Emmeline Pankhurst
Naomi Watts – Christabel Pankhurst
Reese Witherspoon – Sylvia Pankhurst
Rachel Weisz – Emily Davison
Judi Dench – Edith New
Jim Broadbent – Asquith

Tagline: N/A

Synopsis: The story revolves around 2 groups who are fighting for the for women’s vote in Britain in the late 1900’s, the Suffragists and the Suffragettes. We follow the antics of each group and what they resorted to, to keep their cause in the public eye. From peaceful protests, the birth of the Suffragette’s and to the death of Emily Davison (Rachel Weisz).The film explores the attitudes of men and women during the 1900’s and the effect that the First world war had on the fellow Suffrages.

What the press would say:

An intriguing look at a dark time for women in the 1900’s. In my opinion an absolute masterpiece. Bill Condon has done it again, with a stunning cast and beautiful dialogue. A definite Oscar winner.

Oscar Predictions:

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress in a Leading Role: Sabiqa Kishwar Asif / Nicole Kidman
Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Naomi Watts / Reese Witherspoon / Rachel Weisz
Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Jim Broadbent
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
Best Costume Design
Best Makeup

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