Sunday, June 22, 2008


Author: Chris Morristown
Location: New Jersey


Written and Directed by Christopher Nolan
Produced by Wes Craven
Music by Howard Shore

Principal Cast:

John Cusack - Bill Denbrough
Morgan Freeman - Mike Hanlon
Ray Liotta - Ben Hanscomb
Beverly Marsh- Diane Lane
Michael Keaton - Richie Tozier
Steve Buscemi - Eddie Kasprak
Albert Brooks - Stan Uris
Kate Winslet - Audra Denbrough
Nick Nolte - Henry Bowers
Malcolm McDowell - Pennywise

Tagline: "Relive the Nightmare 10/31/07"

Synopsis: Stephen King's frightening classic about a group of teenage outcasts is
helmed by Academy Award nominated writer Christopher Nolan. Nolan intertwines flashbacks brilliantly in his latest work. The film starts with Morgan Freeman's character Mike Hanlon informing his six friends that the evil entity IT is back. The film follows each main character on their trip back to their childhood town of Derry Maine and in flashbacks we see how IT affected each child, and how they became part of this group of outcasts. They must put their fears aside and destroy IT once and for all before it kills again.

What the press would say:

Very rarely does a horror movie work but Nolan's latest effort breaks the mold. John Cusack leads a brilliant ensemble in this Stephen King adaptation. Malcolm McDowell will keep you up at night with his frightening performance as the murdering clown Pennywise. Nolan took risks with this adaptation of the lengthy 1000 page book by cutting out many side plots, but the movie moves and intertwines all the main characters stories brilliantly. Not since the Silence of the Lambs has a horror movie looked so good. Prospects in the following categories are likely:

Best Picture
Best Director: Christopher Nolan
Best Actor: John Cussack
Best Supporting Actor: Malcom McDowell
Best Supporting Actor: Steve Buschemi
Best Supporting Actress: Diane Lane
Best Adapted Screenplay: Christopher Nolan
Best Original Score: Howard Shore
Best Film Editing
Best Makeup

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